What Exactly Is An HIFU Facial, Often Known As A Skin Tightening Facial?


Some people view the high-intensity focused ultrasound, a new cosmetic procedure for tightening the skin, as a comfortable and non-invasive alternative to face lifts. Because a HIFU Sydney facial employs ultrasonic energy to tighten the skin, as the name indicates, the procedure is relatively painless and does not need any invasive surgery. The precise cost of the therapy in Sydney is determined by the skin disease’s severity and the total number of sessions required, which may range anywhere from $950 to $2,800 on average. The energy employed stimulates the creation of collagen, making your skin firmer and more tightly stretched out, just as you have always wished for.

Factors To Keep In Mind About This Specific Face

The layers of the skin that are directly under the skin surface are what the ultrasonic energy is utilised to target. Because of the energy, the tissue heats up very rapidly. When the skin cells in the chosen location reach a specific temperature, they experience cellular damage, which aids in stimulating the cells to produce more collagen. This process continues until the temperature is lowered. There is a protein responsible for providing structure to your skin. According to some sources, increased collagen synthesis makes your skin seem and feel more firm and tight, which in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The ultrasonic beams do not harm the top layers of the skin and the tissue close to it since they are directed to specific tissue spots located under the skin’s surface.

Patients with a significant amount of sagging skin or skin damaged by sun exposure may need more than one session to get the desired outcomes. People of advanced age who have severe skin laxity, skin that is very sagging, or significant photoaging may not be the best candidates for this therapy. In addition, a HIFU facial is not advised for those with metallic implants in the region of the treatment area, cystic acne, open skin lesions, or infections in the skin. The energy used in HIFU is very distinct from other types of energy, such as electrical energy (radiofrequency energy) and light energy, which is the energy utilised in IPL. Compared to radiofrequency, it can penetrate greater depths and maintain higher temperatures throughout the treatment. It targets layers more profound than the foundation and dermis, where structural deterioration begins.

The Advantages Of Undergoing This Therapy

A HIFU facial provides your skin with almost an infinite number of advantages. Over the last several years, it has seen an extraordinary increase in demand, as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has observed. A face like this can:

  • Make the skin more smooth.
  • Pull the collarbones in closer.
  • Improve the definition of the jawline.
  • Raise the corners of your eyes, your brows, and your cheekbones.
  • Pull the skin back and tighten it around your neck to get rid of that turkey neck look.
  • Get rid of those wrinkles.

What Will The Sensations Of The Therapy Be Like?

Our patients inquire about this question the most often. You might suffer minor pain. Because the high-focused ultrasonic energy is delivered in brief electric pulses, you can experience a little prickling sensation. After the facial treatment, you may notice some moderate swelling and redness.


No longer should you be concerned about the symptoms of aging! The HIFU Sydney face treatment has arrived just in time to rescue the day! After an easy, effective, non-invasive, and safe treatment, you may fortify your skin with newly produced collagen and experience skin that is firmer, tighter, and looks younger.