How to Use the Customize Section in WordPress to Change the Look of a Theme?

It is a matter of that WordPress is known for its amazing opportunities for customizing websites as well as making things flexible. It makes available for more than one option to customize each and every layout of the template that you are actually using. Everyone wants their website should look unique and should engage audiences. You can actually make use of the default customize button to bring about changes a number of things on the website. Similarly, there are a number of other ways as well to help you with changing certain sections of the website and giving it a whole new look. All these are only applied on a website built on WordPress. If your website is not on WordPress then you need to seek assistance from any professional who is efficient and reliable for HTML to WordPress conversion service.

All WordPress themes and templates can be customized, however, free themes come with a limited amount of options for customization whereas, premium themes can be customized completely as per your taste. The selection of templates for your website certainly depends upon you as going with some can let you be open to countless modification while some can give you limited space for modification. After opting for a successful HTML to WordPress conversion service, you can literally transform all that you have online for your audiences.

What can you change in every WordPress template?

The controls for basic customization of any WordPress blog starts with changing the site identity, setting up the perfect colour combination, adding a header image, placing a background image, structuring the menu and adding some features in terms of widgets. These are called to be the basic customization that each and every WordPress blog starts with. After attempting any change to these elements, you should make sure that you save all the changes to the blog as they will only come into effect after they are saved.


Colours in a website play a major role as it is something that entices an audience to interact with the website without getting irritated. It is at all times advisable to make use of colours that don’t irritate the normal viewing of the website for the audience. You can choose from the colour picker available at the customizer or else you can add the hex code of any colour that you want to add on your website.

Header Image

The header image is more or less the graphic image that is set at the top of the website. You need to make use of the perfect size of the header image so that it doesn’t get pixelated or blurry at the time of loading the website. You can also choose to include your logo as well as any personalized banner in place of the header image to give it a personalized look and feel.

Background Image

Background image or colour is something that happens to be the basic background of all your website. Adding a perfect background to your website can be a bit tricky however if you spend a considerable amount of time on it, it can bring about a very good look. If you are not happy with adding an image to the background of your website, you can make use of any perfect colour that you think can go well with the content structure and other media elements present on your website.


WordPress lets you add some of the useful widgets to your website or blog. You can make use of the widget customizer to make changes to this section and integrate of the some of the necessary features to your website. If you need any personalized and custom widget then you can easily get it from the WordPress repository. You can easily find a number of widgets from any of the WordPress design services provider.

Social Media Button

Sharing content is something that had somewhere made WordPress so popular in between the users of the digital age. Getting a content viral is something that all the bloggers look forward to. So, with the help of the social media button customization, you can link all the social handles to the WordPress website and spread your word to countless audiences in no time over their favourite social media application.

This article must have given you a lot of information regarding how can you make use of the available customization options from WordPress itself. If at all you need anything more, you can surely take help of various WordPress page builders and premium templates that employ a drag and drop approach to customize the entire website. If you wish to build a website from scratch by investing the least possible time, it would be considered wise if you consult or hire a professional who offers WordPress design services.


Brandon Graves
Brandon Graves
Brandon Graves is an expert WordPress web designer at HireWPGeeks, a well-known web development company. He specializes in Html to WordPress websites.


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