Best Instagram Tips that Work for Effective Sales on the Platform


Selling on Instagram will help your business to reach out to your target audience and boost sales, but then you need to learn more about this photo-sharing social platform. Brands, big and small all over the globe, are generating sales through Instagram. Based on the findings of a recent report, 75 percent of Instagrammers take some action like visiting a business website or buying products after they see Instagram ads. 

According to an article published on, there are many ways to drive sales directly on Instagram like posting artsy and professional photos, using geotagging, or giving your followers behind-the-scenes perspective. 

If you are yet to use Instagram for sales, you are missing out on immense opportunities. Therefore, when you want to drive sales and improve the bottom line, here are some of the best tips that work for generating sales on Instagram: 

Connect with your targeted audience

Instagram algorithms are continually evolving with cutthroat competition, and therefore, you need to use strategies that work to boost sales. It signifies leveraging Instagram ads crucial for promoting your products. 

When you have a business Instagram page, it is up to you to decide what amount you will spend and where you would want to display your ads. You also decide at what time you would like to run these ads. You will get plenty of targeting choices on Instagram to suit your needs.

Running ads on this social site is not that challenging, but small businesses may hesitate to join the bandwagon, especially those who are new to the platform. It is manageable and not overwhelming. You can run ads smoothly by promoting the posts you shared on this photo-sharing site. All you need to do it choose the post you would like to boost and click promote. Yes, it is as simple as that. 

Instagram would pull in a related audience that you target, but you could always create your audience based on age, interest, gender, income, and things like that. Once you have created your audience and know your budget, go through the ad again and then click the confirm button. 

Start with a moderate budget initially. You can check ad performance by hitting the View Results option in the left corner of your ad at the bottom. You will need some practice, tweak promoted posts, and change audiences until you see some results to your benefit. 

E-commerce ads are about how to purchase to simplify the shopping process for your potential customers. Keep your brand or promoted message simple and easy to understand. 

Create a shoppable feed

The shopping feature incorporation by Shopify is a blessing for brands on this photo-sharing social site. Instagram’s shopping option lets you tag products for sale and allows Instagrammers to buy that stuff right from the app. 

Again, Shopify plugins such as Shoppable Instagram Galleries make it super easy for your business to initiate sales. The Instant Purchase option will allow visitors to include products in their cart and buy them right away from the images on your Instagram feed. You can design a personalized gallery to display your products and integrate the gallery link to your Instagram bio. Post stunning photos to pique audience interest, though what somebody likes on IG differs from one person to the other. 

Developing a shoppable Instagram feed, such as the option is a great way to boost sales. is nothing but a landing page resembling an Instagram feed, displaying posts as clickable photos that you can directly link to your product page. 

Make Instagram Stories using product links 

Instagram Stories are popular and preferred by most brands these days, a feature with over 500 million active Instagrammers every day. You can sell your products using creative ways and make the most of this feature. 

Instagram is the perfect platform for you to build engagement with your followers often and on a personal level. You can leverage Instagram Stories to capture their merchandise in special offers, activities, or for that matter, displaying new products. Back in 2017, the visual site delighted users with 10k or more followers with the benefit of adding links to IG Stories. This was a great gesture for publishers and retail businesses. It is a popular trend on Instagram to help you boost your email subscriber list, generate traffic, drive sales, and improve revenues. 

When it comes to IG algorithms, it considers all interactions that have on Instagram Stories, including replies as well as shares. The more a user interacts with stories, the more your Instagram posts will appear in their feed, and that is that. 

You can get around this social platform by reaping the maximum benefits out of Instagram Stories and engagement possibilities. These include making the most out of the swipe up or the polling option provided you have more than 10k followers. 

Many micro-influencers are telling their followers to direct message them for a link right away to an item or product. It is one of the best ways to move people to your inbox, develop good relationships with followers, and of course, improve the chances of your IG posts appear on their feeds. Use these strategies to motivate customers to interact with your brand, build engagement, and stay relevant to your prospective, relevant audience. 

Use the appropriate hashtags 

Though this is not unheard of, it is extremely important to ensure that people see your posts when they search using related phrases. Avoid using numerous hashtags in your IG posts because that will make your content look spammy and bother your audience. Use a couple of relevant and best hashtags that generate quality traffic. It will increase the possibilities of the correct audience viewing your IG posts. Target a niche audience who will buy your products and not just anyone who views your IG photos and moves on. 

Choose hashtags that are relevant to your targeted demographic. You can see the hashtags used by your competitors and influencers in the industry you cater to now. 


Now that you know about these tips, you can make the best use of Instagram to generate traffic, pique audience interest, drive sales, and improve the bottom line.