How to Find the Right Hashtags for Instagram

If you use Instagram to generate attention and reach for your company on the platform, you should use 25-30 hashtags in each of your posts.

Why? – You want to make sure that your posts are noticed by as many users as possible, right?

Hashtags are the safest way on Instagram to be discovered by many new users. When used correctly, working with hashtags is the best way to achieve enormous growth with an Instagram account in a short time.


In order to get the greatest success out of your efforts, your goal should be to find the 25-30 hashtags with the greatest reach and the most relevance for your target group for each of your postings. Reach in this context means the number of posts that were tagged with this hashtag.

The number of 30 hashtags may seem arbitrary at first, but for a simple reason. In fact, Instagram has wanted to curb hashtag inflation since an algorithm change in 2016 and is now stopping it.

The hashtags game is just to get your post visible to more people. The more the people visit engages with your posts, the more followers and likes you will get. But if you are not having enough followers, you should consult a trusted service provider to buy real Instagram followers and get more people in your following count.

Specifically, this means that the caption, i.e. the caption for your contribution, will not be posted if you use more than 30 hashtags. And that should do the killing blow to the reach of this post. – For this reason, I always recommend placing the number of hashtags in a range between 25 – 30. If you stay below 30, you reduce the risk of accidentally entering random keywords. You also get the chance to be rated for hashtags in the comments. If you have already exhausted the maximum number in the captions, the keywords in the comments are simply no longer counted.

Greater the reach, the greater the number of users who view the posts under this hashtag. Thus have the chance to discover your next posting.

Relevance refers to the usefulness of your contribution to the people who are looking for postings under this specific posting. The higher the relevance, the higher is the proportion of users who reward your post with a Like or even decide to follow your account.

As an example, just give us an account of craft beer. With the hashtag #beer (with more than 48,711,571 posts) we have a hashtag with an enormous reach, but also one with a low relevance compared to a hashtag like #Craftbeernotcrapbeer (775,674 posts). This will achieve a significantly higher density of users who are particularly interested in high-quality beers. And that’s exactly what we want to address here.

The better you get at finding the 30 most relevant hashtags with the greatest reach within your target group, the higher your engagement on Instagram will be.

The only question is how we locate these super-effective hashtags. It’s not always easy.

I would like to introduce you to a fairly simple way that you can use to find the 30 strongest hashtags for your target group without the use of expensive and complex tools.


In fact, copying is the best way to find popular hashtags for your target audience.

And this is how it works: At this point, I simply continue with my example of craft beer. Let’s just imagine that we are completely new to Instagram and have little knowledge of it.

Identify the Hashtags used by the accounts in the TOP POSTS. I always look at the top posts here and look for the post with the most hashtags that are of interest to my topic.

In this case, this would be a posting by the user khjaskldjfh, for example. Here I am now looking at which of the hashtags used are also important to me. I write this in a separate document. I just ignore the rest.


My list would look like this: #bier #beeroftheday #beers #beersommelier #beer #instabeer # craftbeer # instabeerofficial #craftbeers #untappd #craftbeerporn #craftbeerlover #beerstagram

Under the hashtags you keep, you should now find the top posts again and repeat the procedure as before. Again you write the most important terms in your list and continue as before.

In this way, you will have found your 25-30 hashtags in a short time, which will guarantee you the greatest success on Instagram.

Of course, you should note that the range of individual hashtags changes over time. So it can make sense to repeat this procedure from time to time and refresh your set of hashtags again and again.

It also makes sense to use this strategy to develop sets that relate to special topics and individual sub-aspects of your item. In this way, you will always reach new users to whom you might otherwise never have had access.


However, I would also strongly recommend that you do not exclusively rely on keywords with a very wide reach. After all, very popular hashtags have the stupid quality of being used particularly often. Very generic terms, in particular, ensure a high initial reach, but due to the high posting frequency in these subject areas, your contribution should slide down quickly and lose visibility.

It, therefore, makes perfect sense to use a set of smaller hashtags that are less popular. Here you have a significantly higher chance of getting into the series of the most popular images on the theme. This guarantees you an additional range over a longer period of time. So try not to use only popular hashtags. Instead, go into the design selectively and find true niche hashtags that you can dominate with your postings.

About the Author

Zayn Malik is a young enthusiastic creative writer at His passion for writing and spreading knowledge adds to his credibility as a writer. In addition to writing content for multiple corporations, he enjoys writing on social issues and marketing ideas.



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