A Guide to Your First Omega Watch


Omega watches are the epitome of accuracy, precision, rich history, and style among luxury watch brands in the world. It has conquered the moon, deepest seas and has landed its way in Hollywood action blockbusters. It’s no wonder why watch collectors always favor this Swiss watch brand. In this article, we will help you find your first Omega watch.


As one of Omega’s legendary timepieces, you can find second hand Speedmaster Omega watches online without a hitch. Speedmaster watches gained popularity with their connection with the moon. You read that right! In 1969,  Buzz Aldrin sported a Speedmaster Professional. 

Since then, Speedmasters have become known for their reliability. They are designed to be water-resistant with a high-precision chronograph, perfect for race car drivers. Its exceptional luxurious packaging and design make Speedmaster watches also a hit for collectors and successful individuals. 

Speedmasters have been owned by legendary figures and celebrities such as the James Bond actor Daniel Craig, who sported a Speedmaster Automatic before becoming 007. A gold Speedmaster 57 was also seen worn by the legendary guitarist and singer of Dire Straits Mark Knopfler. 

For your first Speedmaster, we would like to recommend Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph 38 mm Automatic Silver Dial Yellow Gold. It’s vintage look, size, and colors symbolize Omega’s famous chronograph. It also offers optimum functionality with its oval subdials and date window.


Omega Seamasters got its fame from the James Bond watch. However, the collection has become part of Omega for over 100 years. In the James Bond GoldenEye movie in 1995, Pierce Brosnan wore a Quartz Seamaster Professional 300. Moving forward, the Omega Seamaster 300 Automatic Chronometer debuted in the subsequent James Bond movies. 

Aside from its popularity boost from the Hollywood scene, Omega Seamaster watches are known for their water-resistant qualities. It can withstand temperature shifts underwater with its shellac and rubber gaskets. Seamaster watches can reach depths of up to 60 meters. That’s why it has been adored by divers worldwide. 

In 1963, Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and his crew of divers sported Omega Seamaster 300 watches on their Conshelf II experiments. It showed to the world the durability and reliability of Seamasters able to tell time under the depths of over 200 meters that too diving and horology worlds by storm.

For your first Seamaster watch, the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial Master Chronometer 43.5 mm Automatic is perfect to suit your diving adventures. Its white-silver-orange fabric band can complement any diving suit and everyday look effortlessly.


Omega watches are also dedicated to contributing to their feminine customers by releasing the Constellation collection. Despite being sported by female individuals, Constellation watches have also been seen worn by successful males, such as Elvis Presley’s vintage Omega Constellation with dauphine hands and a black dial.

The Theory of Everything actor Eddie Redmayne also donned a Constellation Globemaster to complement his range of classic outfits. Model Cindy Crawford is Omega’s longest-serving ambassador for Constellation watches. Constellation watches have a strong place in her heart and have been spotted wearing matching perfectly with her everyday and formal attires. 

Constellation watches exude elegance and luxury with their sleek, sophisticated, and timeless designs. To spot an Omega Constellation watch, it has a star at the 6 o’clock mark. It also features pearl and diamond dials with cases available in gold, steel, and silver. Moreover, it also has water and magnetic resistance of varying degrees.

It truly is an Omega’s collection to fit your every outfit and activity while being elegantly luxurious. For your first Constellation, we would like to recommend the Constellation Quartz Blue Dial Stainless Steel Diamonds watch. It is designed with diamond indexes with a stainless steel strap perfect for every occasion.

De Ville

De Ville watches are the latest in Omega’s luxury watch collection featured in 2007. The collection exudes traditional designs and the first with a Co-Axial mechanical movement. Moreover, the De Ville watches come with 18K red gold and stainless steel.

Though it made waves in the early 2000s, De Ville watches made their brief debut in the 1960s. Their vintage designs coupled with modern mechanical innovations make De Ville watches a popular staple among collectors. It appeals to both the old and young generation’s technology and vintage designs.

Any watch in this collection will be perfect for all types of events and wardrobe.  However, we would recommend the De Ville Prestige Co-Axial 39.5 mm Automatic Silver Dial Red Gold watch as a gift ideal for both men and women. Its vintage design with rose gold plated faceted hands, and leather bands will suit anyone’s fashion styles.

Omega Specials

Omega Specials feature limited edition watch models: the  Seamaster 300, the Railmaster, and the Speedmaster. These limited watches receive high reselling prices and are considered treasures among collectors. For each special Omega watch model, only 3,557 pieces were released to the market.


Omega watches have been iconic with their connection with NASA, Hollywood movies, and sports events. Its excellent luxurious and vintage design, and great functionality in several fields have favored athletes, professionals, and more successful individuals worldwide. Seize the world with your Omega watch today!