The Essential Tech You Need for Your New Work from Home Life


2021 is finally upon us, and, like much of 2020, more office-based businesses are looking at their employees working from home full time or at least for the majority of their working lives.

If you’ve always worked in an office environment and enjoyed the buzz of office life, you could be forgiven for feeling a bit lost in your new role as a solo worker, but with the right tech and gadgets behind you, it will feel like your colleagues are right in the room with you.

The Need to Get It Right

It’s important to get the right stuff for your home-working environment. Not only the right chair that means you won’t be putting pressure on your back and body but those little accompaniments that help you transition from work to home life and vice versa. It’s those little things that can make a difference psychologically to your mind.

Here are five things you need if you’re working from home for the foreseeable future.

Cloud Solutions for Your Team

First, you and your team need to have cloud solutions set up and working properly. Collaborative documents,  email signature software for Office 365, shared storage, anything that means you can work together without interruption and the constant flow of emails as you try to find things on endless Zoom calls!

A Decent Desk to Work From

Getting a decent desk is an understated aspect of making your work from home setup work food you.

Everyone knows how important the right seating position is for you, but your desk will help settle your seating position and ensure you don’t do any damage.

A bonus that working from home can provide to you is that your desk can be whatever you like, so if you have your eye on that gorgeous solid oak vintage desk or that fancy electronic standing and seating desk, go ahead!

Good Smart Lightning

Lighting can make such a difference in an office! Hands up if you remember those horrible flickering and buzzing office lights that always emitted that putrid yellow hue that was neither daylight color nor a warm glow color?

Your office, your rules! Invest in some decent lighting for your work area; daylight bulbs are best, and if your work area doubles as your social area, consider turning the lights down low in the evening to help you switch off.

A Smart Coffee Machine

Ok, this one might not be strictly necessary, but a smart coffee machine sure is fun!

Being able to get coffee made for you when you open your bedroom door in the morning or setting up regular fill-ups during the day from your phone is a blessing in disguise.

One important thing to consider thorough, coffee machines generally tend to take plastic coffee pods. Single-use plastics are a scourge of the earth and should be eradicated at every opportunity. Switch to reusable coffee pods as an eco-friendlier way to get your caffeine fix!