3 GogoPDF Tools That Will Give You Great Help


In this modern time, where techy things are becoming essential and evolving, it is best to have a trusted site or software that you can use and help you with anything you do. Besides that, you also have to ensure that it is safe and no data breach will happen. You need a highly recommended one to use, especially for essential PDF files.

The best web-based PDF handling software you can see on the internet is the GogoPDF. Whenever you need fixing for your PDF files, you can always go smoothly to their site. They offer a wide variety of tools you can utilize, from splitting, compressing, converting your PDFs to adding a watermark and encrypting a password to the PDF file. All are amazingly possible with GogoPDF.

You can maximize more of your PDF file just by making use of GogoPDF. You don’t have to download the software to use it, so it is accessible anywhere you are. One thing is for sure; you don’t need to take out money from your pocket because you can use their excellent services entirely for free. So here are some of GogoPDF’s tools that will give you great help with your PDF matter:

Split PDF

Having to handle multiple works, like managing daily or monthly reports to making a presentation of data, to filing tons of files, will surely make you feel pressured, especially if you need to finish the task immediately. With so many things you do, you might not notice that some of your PDF files’ data are not right and are not supposed to be in the file. With that, you might have to make another PDF file and start over again, which is very time-consuming work unless you have a tool that can help you remove the unneeded data quickly, so it will save you from doing it again.

GogoPDF’s split PDF online tool is what you need if you are in great need of fixing your PDF files. It will split or remove quickly and accurately the unnecessary data from your PDF file without a doubt. Even if you split the file using the tool, it will preserve the document’s original format and layout. With only a few clicks to execute, and the system will resolve the problem abruptly. Here are convenient steps to perform the split PDF tool:

  1. Take the PDF file from your personal computer and upload it to the server.
  2. Select how you wish to partition your document. Click the necessary key to begin the process of extracting pages.
  3. Wait while the system split up your PDF file into how many pages you preferred.
  4. After the GogoPDF finishes the process, download the file immediately, and share it with any of your social websites.

Compress PDF

A PDF file format has a huge file size; as a result, it takes a lot of time to upload to the server when you share or send a file via email. Also, it will acquire a lot of storage space from your device. If you want it not to happen to you, you have the option to shrink its size by compressing the PDF file.

Shrinking a PDF file’s file size using the GogoPDFs compress PDF tool is so much reliable and more manageable than other sites. Through its tool, you can quickly have an email size ready PDF file. With your file now shrunk, you can directly easily upload it online. Here are steps on how you do the shrinking of a PDF:

  1. Drag and drop the selected PDF file in the toolbox showing on the site.
  2. After that, the tool or system will start the process.
  3. At this time, you have to wait for a bit while they complete the process. 
  4. Once they finish the compression, you will quickly have your newly compressed PDF file. Download and save to your device.

Convert PDF

We all know that a PDF format file is the standard format available, but it doesn’t always work the way you want it. There will come a moment to need a different format for your important file or data. Don’t worry if the file is already in a PDF format because you can always have a fast alternative way to make it the format you desire. You can use a converter tool for that. 

The Convert PDF tool will effectively change the format of your file straightforwardly and accurately. And not just a PDF format can be transformed, but also other formats into PDF. They will cleanly convert it without a single data gone or even change its layout. Here’s what should you do when converting a file.

  1. Choose correctly the file you want to alter into your desired format.
  2. The system will begin scanning and extracting the file.
  3. Wait for a bit while the system starts turning your file into your chosen format.
  4. Download and share your freshly converted file.


When you want to have an efficient and reliable site to go quickly, you can always count on GogoPDF and its tools and features. Through it, your work is complete in an instant. Visit their site now, and you’ll be amazed at what more they can offer.