9 Best Jobs in India in the Present Market Scenario


Bagging your dream job has become more challenging and competitive than ever. Also, you have to select a job role which is in line with your job profile and academic qualifications. Therefore, choosing the right job is a crucial decision to make. This article is about helping you out in searching for the best 9 jobs in India in the present market.

The present time demands additional skill-set apart from qualifications on papers. Also, finding a job as per your interests, skills and likeness. As we can all see that this era is mostly tech-driven, therefore, the market has been brimming with tech-oriented job roles. It won’t be overstated if we say that this generation has too many job options available in the market to choose from.

How the Job Market Has Evolved Over the Years

This era believes in advancement and speed. Conventional job roles are still there but they don’t appear as the same glory as they used to be. GenY is pouring their interest in unconventional job positions which are barely heard of. Job roles such as- Web development, Software/app development, Blockchain, Big data, Cloud computing etc. have become more attractive alternatives for millennial.

Technological advancement has grabbed the front seat and moving ahead. It has a substantial presence across every job domain. Gradually the demand for specially skilled people has been increasing with time. That doesn’t mean you can pursue a specific professional course for your career development.

Aforesaid jobs are currently amongst the highest paying job roles as well. Why won’t people fall for it? These are the job options which determine professional growth, job security and handsome pay packages. While finding the best-paying jobs in India you should always consider these facts along with your skill up-gradation.

Here you might question us that there are highest paying government job roles too why don’t you mention them? Very true; but let us remind you that jobs like IAS, IPS, CBI and other administrative job roles are not a cup of tea for everyone. If the latest trend and technical advances keep you going, then you should consider this field for acquiring the best jobs in India right now.

List of Best 9 Jobs in India

Here’s the list of some best-paying jobs in India in the present market state

1. Full-stack Developer

Since the website determines a company’s credibility these days, the need for full-stack web developers is on roll. FMCG industry and product-based companies have a frequent requirement for Full-stack Developers. Full-stack Developers manage front and backend of a business website.

They design the complete outlook and pattern of the website and uphold the code integrity and association. They have sound skills and command over all three layers of the application. These professionals can design and develop computer software too. The best part is you can work with a company or as a freelancer. The average income of a Full-stack Developer is up to 6 lakhs per year.

2. Data Scientist

This is one of the highest-paying and in-trend jobs in India. Pursuing a Data science job would be a great career move. The reason why the job role becomes is in-demand is that increasingly companies are going digital with each passing day. Naturally, everything is becoming digitized and data-driven by and large.

The demand for Data scientists has shot up in recent times. There are a common saying in the business world “Market behavior changes following the trend’’. This means you should choose the in-trend career option to sail with the tide.

Also, the salary package is higher than the contemporary job options. Owning efficiency in Data Management can bring you in the limelight as there’s been a constant need for such candidates in almost every job sector. The average pay package of a Data scientist is around 90k in a month in India which makes it a more attractive career choice.

3. Digital Marketing Manager

Now, this is an attractive one. Not only in India, but Digital Marketing Managers are also in demand across the globe. Digital Marketing is the future. Hence, the demand graph is about to hit the roof in the impending days.

Since online platforms have evolved into one big platform for brand promotions the requirement for Digital Marketing Managers is forever mounting. A Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for preparing and implementing online marketing strategies for brands. He/she needs to keep updated with the latest trends, hacks and changed algorithms happening in the digital world.

The person needs to identify and adopt the exact technical hacks required for social media platforms and websites so that the brands can avail the maximum leverage from it.

A Digital Marketing Manager must have at least 3 years of industry experience and vast knowledge of all digital marketing platforms. The average yearly pay package of a Digital Marketing Manager would be around 9-18 lakhs. You can check out more details on the advanced digital marketing course in kolkata.

4. Ethical Hacker

As the internet usage has filled out there has been a rise in cyber crime in tandem. Alongside the requirement for Ethical Hackers has stemmed globally. The yearly salary of this field ranges in 4lakhs-35lakhs depending on the company size and strength. A report of NASSCOM suggests that Indians will need 500,000 Ethical Hackers by the end of the next 5 years.

Ethical hackers identify and fix problems in the system, network and applications. They protect the system from malicious virus attacks, cyber crimes, and online data theft. Cyber attacks are much threatening and vulnerable to banks, governmental sites and big companies. Said industries have higher requirements for skilled Ethical Hackers.

5. Machine Learning Specialist

Machine Learning Specialist’ job role has suddenly become the ‘talk of the town’, especially among the large-scale industries. Experts in this field develop products that are capable of predicting user behavior, brand acceptance and demand in the market supported by the Big data market pattern.

A report published in Gartner predicts that Machine Learning will create 2.3 million jobs by the end of 2021. A Machine Learning specialist earns 6lakh-24 lakh yearly.

6. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain strikes the right chord of the market with awe-inspiring prospects in the future. This is undoubtedly a revolutionary field as well as the fastest-growing industrial sector. It is a day book of cryptocurrency transactions and it is being used for event tracking, global payments and diamond sales.

The key function of a Blockchain developer is to optimize modus operandi, network security measures, develop smart contracts to distribute the application orderly. Blockchain developers use programming languages like HTML5, JavaScript, Python and others.

The exact annual CTC of a Blockchain developer can’t be determined as it is going up with the market demand. However, the average income of a Blockchain developer ranges between 40 lakh to 90 lakh per annum.

7. Data Analyst

Data analyst is one of the most sought-after professions in India. Most of the renowned companies are considering the importance of Big Data to dig deeper into the market powered by well-informed decisions. This indicates that Data analysts are going to have a prosperous career ahead.

Businesses can march with no hitch with on-point Data analysis. Data analysts are real-time rescuers. They also help businesses in detecting the hidden challenges, upcoming opportunities, and better growth prospects. They earn up to 80k-2lakh per month on average.

8. Graphic Designer

When creativity mingles with technicality it produces magical. Graphic Designers hold the fullest power to give any visual content wings. These people are needed in many industries like print, media, outdoor and digital platforms.

Graphic designers hold a pivotal role in product appearances and their sales. This is one of the highest-paying job roles in the Indian industry. The average salary of a Graphic Designer would be around 3-8 lakhs per annum.

9. Software and Mobile App Developer

Every sector of the business world has a requirement of customized mobile apps and software for smooth operations. The business world is likely to attest a 30% growth in the next couple of years in this job category.

Thanks to mobile and internet usage this demand will be growing faster than other professions. These people are capable of designing and developing engaging and useful software, apps, and games to engage people for hours. The average salary dawn by an application software developer is around 10 lakh per year.

So, the above-mentioned jobs are 9 top jobs in India in the present market scenario according to us. If you find them interesting then you might take up one. Make your mind in the first place about what you want to do in the future. Choose the path of your professional journey when you are fully convinced and satisfied.