8 Tips to Buy a Quality Goose Down Quilt.

Given how much bedroom linen can affect sleep, it is strange how it is the least talked about subject.

A goose down quilt contributes to a good night’s sleep. It is not only the best choice for Alaskans but also people everywhere. Besides adding an old-world charm to modern beds, it also makes a great partner for chilly nights.

Keep these tips in mind before you head out to buy a new goose down quilt.


Pick the Right Size:

Most goose down quilts come in standard sizes – king, queen, twin, double, and single.

If you require a quilt that you can lay over your mattress, select a quilt that is bigger than the mattress. The same applies if you have a partner who has a habit of pulling the quilt over to their side.

Higher Fill Power:

Almost all down quilts come with a specific fill power, i.e., the quality of the feathers used.

Quilts with a higher fill power use better quality down feathers. It also means that these quilts will be breathable, lighter, and fluffier.

Fill power is measured in cubic inches. Quilts s with a fill power of 500 cubic inches are considered average quality. Those with over 700 cubic inches are the ones with superior quality.

Feather Quality:

The quality of feather quilts is unparalleled and cannot be matched by synthetic materials. The best quality feathers are sourced from the belly of mature geese. Young geese have delicate feathers that may break easily, making it an unsuitable option.

The structure of feathers from the underbelly of mature geese helps trap the air and generate warmth.

Right Thread Count:

Typically, tightly woven threads make a high thread count. Quilts with higher thread counts are soft and cosy when compared to a quilt with a low thread count.

Pick the Right Weight:

A goose down quilt that you select must be most appropriate for you. The average temperatures in your bedroom are also an essential factor that can affect your choice.

If you are someone who tends to feel warm when sleeping, opt for a lightweight quilt. On the other hand, if you are someone who loves to snuggle, regular weight quilts are the right choice for you.

Avoid Allergies:

Goose down feathers is hypoallergenic and thus suitable for most people. Commonly, allergies are caused due to the dust or other allergens in the bed and not the quilt.

Goose down quilts is made after the feathers are washed and dried multiple times.

Proper Care:

Ideally, you should use a cover over your quilt to keep it clean. This is because frequent washing can damage the quilt.

If you need to wash a goose down quilt, it is best to get it done professionally.


Besides the thread count, another crucial factor to consider is the quilt’s stitching. This factor determines the distribution of the fill along the quilt. The stitching prevents the fill from clumping, thus giving it a smooth surface.

Wrapping Up:

Since birds generally rely on their downsides for insulation, those feathers offer the best warmth. Thus, making them a popular choice for quilts.

Goose down quilts is worth the extra considerations you need to make before purchasing them.


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