Did You Know That Learning Math Online Would Be Fun for Your Child?


The coming school year is swiftly approaching, and it raises questions about the immediate and long-term future of schooling. Will schools reopen in time for children to start their new grades in class with their peers? Or will they be logging back on to class portals from the safety of their home? Will children be encouraged to learn more online even when schools reopen? One thing is for certain though – your child’s education should not suffer, regardless of how they receive it and for accelerated math, specialized math programs could be the answer. 

This leads to the question, “Can maths be learned online?”. The short answer to this question is yes. Maths can be learned online at all skill levels, and the increasing amount of available resources makes this easier and easier for your child. Maths is a tricky subject, but one that is necessary for almost all walks of life. Whether your child is experiencing remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or you are simply looking for supplementary online resources to help your child alongside their schoolwork, the internet is a great source of maths help.

The internet contains a wealth of information that can provide your child with the tools they need to improve their math skills. But unfortunately, there is also a range of resources and websites that are less than ideal. This may simply be because they are not interesting or not aimed at your child’s skill level (they are too easy or too hard).To learn maths online, you need to find the right websites and informational services that will help your child improve their skills. They should be engaging and challenging without being too difficult or hard to understand.

Firstly, You Need to Find the Right Resources for Your Child

Maths is a broad subject that encompasses a range of different topics. Algebra, statistics, trigonometry, the list goes on. Your child might be struggling with one or many different aspects of maths. Some online resources might be great at a certain maths focus, but not the best at others. It can be exhausting trying to collect multiple resources in order to get the support and learning that your child needs. Ideally, you want to find a single website that offers all of the help and educational support that your child needs to learn maths.

It’s also important to find resources that are at the right level for your child. Students need educational support that teaches them at their maths in a way that they can understand. There are many online tools that can explain mathematical concepts, but the resource might be too complicated to understand. You need to find the right balance of maths help that is easy for your child to understand but is also still hard enough that it pushes them to improve.

To Properly Learn Math Online, Resources Need to Provide Feedback

When learning any subject online, it’s important to receive feedback so that your child knows how they are improving, and what they need to continue working on. Look for resources that are great at explaining math concepts and require children to put these concepts to use. Many maths resources offer practice questions that children can work through, to see if they understand the principles well enough to use them. But this method of learning is only useful if the student can see the correct answer so that they can see if they are right or wrong. If they are wrong, they need to get proper feedback to better understand the concept and avoid it in the future.

Some of the best resources offer a detailed explanation of how to get the correct answer to practice questions, detailing all of the necessary steps. This shows children the mathematical principles in action, and it can also show them exactly where and how they went wrong. This provides the kind of useful feedback necessary for improvement.It also gives your child the satisfaction of knowing when they have completed a question and understood a math concept.

Find What Works for Your Child, Not Just Others

Each child has a different learning style and will learn at a different pace. You need to find online maths resources that are suited to your child and their particular learning style. It may take some trial and error to find what works best, but the results will be worth it.

Learning maths online will only work if your child is having fun! For many children, especially those who find maths hard, the subject is not fun or interesting. Trying to encourage extra learning and practice needs to be exciting, or you’ll find that children will get bored quickly. “Fun maths” is going to look different for every child, and it might take you and them some time to find online learning tools that they like. Don’t be afraid to try out new options, and to mix it up if your child ever gets bored or stops progressing.

Learning Math Online Still Requires the Help and Support of Other People

For most children, no matter how great an online worksheet is, having the help of another person to explain complex math problems to them is what helps them learn. With many of the maths resources that can be found online, this kind of social interaction is lost. The internet provides excellent information, but it may not explain or provide an understanding of the subject that helps the child learn.

This is why online tutoring can be so valuable. SmartLabz offers your child a one-on-one learning experience with a tutor that knows exactly how to help. No matter what age or competency level your child is at, the tutors from SmartLabz know how to explain concepts in a way that makes sense, and will help improve your child’s maths abilities. They work at a pace that pushes your child but does not discourage them, and they seek out different explanations and ways of learning if a traditional explanation method doesn’t seem to make sense.