7 best soap ingredients to gently nourish your skin


In the last few years, India as a country has become more conscious and aware about what they eat, what they do and what they apply to their skin. Because of this increased awareness, the concept of natural and organic products, especially in the skincare and beauty industry has evolved and popularised greatly. But, does the concept of natural soap wholesale made with organic ingredients really help with skin nourishment? According to recent studies, organic is the only way ahead and so, let us discuss some of the important organic ingredients that, if present in natural soap, can greatly nourish the skin.

Important natural Ingredients in Soaps

Here is a list of ingredients that can change the way you think about soap.

Rosemary Oil

One of the best reasons to include a natural soap that contains rosemary oil is its antibacterial nature and is highly important for the skin. Regular use of a natural soap made of rosemary oil not only provides effective hydration to the skin throughout the day but also aids in controlled oil production within the skin. This is important to keep acne and blemishes to a bare minimum and avoid interaction between dirt particles and pollution on the outside with the skin cells inside.

Rosemary Oil

All ingredients that are highly nourishing are natural and more beneficial for your skin as opposed to non-organic soap ingredients.

Coconut Oil

Just like the anti-bacterial nature of rosemary oil, even coconut oil has similar properties that allow it to provide the skin with a protective layer from the harmful particles in the atmosphere. Using a natural soap that has coconut oil as one of its ingredients can be highly beneficial for skin nourishment. This is because it has fatty acids that provide the skin with intense hydration. Additionally, coconut oil also has vitamin F that prepares the skin to retain its natural sebum and moisture for increased skin nourishment.

Ginger Root

Ginger in itself has many health benefits, but it also has antioxidants present in its roots that help the skin preserve collagen while also encouraging more production of the same. Moreover, ginger root also has the ability to effectively reduce skin damage and inflammation which can result in hyperpigmentation. In a natural soap, combining any of the essential oils with ginger root can together give the skin intense nourishment and hydration, while promising glowing skin.

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass is an antifungal cleansing agent that is a highly popular ingredient in natural soap, face and body wash today. Lemongrass can be added to a natural soap in its organic form or can be added in the form of essential oils.

Both these have increased purifying properties that ensure proper detoxification of the skin by cleaning out the majority of the impurities and dirt collected in the pores. This is a necessary ingredient in a natural soap as it also soothes and calms irritated skin, by providing deep nourishment.

Castor Oil

The skincare and cosmetic industry love adding castor oil to all their products majorly because it contains the moisturising agent triglycerides. The main job of this agent is to provide and maintain proper moisture in the skin to keep the skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day. For natural soap, castor oil has recently become a popular organic addition, especially for the treatment of dry skin. Additionally, it also has the ability to trap moisture available in the air right into the skin for increased nourishment.


Even though according to old movies and sitcoms, we believe that glycerine is only required to pretend to cry, this ingredient has high nourishing properties as well. Glycerine acts as a humectant for the skin.

A humectant is a natural substance, which has the main responsibility of retaining moisture within the skin. This in turn helps the skin feel hydrated, fight dryness and clear out the dead skin while making the skin soft and healthy. Including this ingredient, no natural soap can be highly beneficial in achieving healthy and glowing skin.


Just like the majority of the essential oils, spearmint is also very rich in antioxidants that ensure that the skin is damage-free throughout the day. It can be used in its natural organic form or can be added in the form of spearmint essential oil to the natural soap for effective skin nourishment.

Spearmint also has health benefits like boosting blood circulation within the body which has a direct effect on the outside skin. This is because increased blood circulation results in healthier skin on the outside.

Overall, there are so many different natural organic soaps available in the market to choose from as organic is the way forward. The majority of the big brands are investing in natural and organic products and also customizing natural soap under their name to increase their brand image and gain market dominance.

A few of the popular natural organic soaps include Juicy Chemistry organic soaps, Quinta Eseentia Organic soaps, Aroma Essentials organic soaps, etc. You have so many different options to choose from so do not wait any longer and invest in natural soap and see the difference in your skin yourself.