Packing for Storage – A Guide


If you are planning to move to a new city, downsize to a smaller home, or just need to declutter, you might consider renting a storage unit. However, it is important to know how to pack and organize your storage unit to protect your furniture from any damage, make the most of your space, as well as keep your belongings safe and easily accessible. And make sure you’re stocked with flat packing boxes to store your belongings. Keep reading to discover some useful tips and tricks that will help you optimize your storage unit efficiently.

What are the necessary steps I should take prior to packing my belongings for a storage unit?

Prior to learning the methods to pack and arrange a storage unit, it is fundamental to get your storage unit prepared to accommodate your possessions. You should start by cleaning your storage space and taking a thorough inventory of your belongings. The following are the necessary steps you can undertake to ensure the aptness of your storage unit before organizing and packing your items.

Ensure that sufficient space is available in your storage unit.

Before you begin packing and organizing your storage unit, it is important to verify that your possessions are compatible with the designated storage space. Ensure that you have sufficient space to store all of your belongings to avoid the hassle of returning home with only half of your belongings.

Before you pack your items into the storage unit, make a list of the furniture you’ll be storing, estimate how many boxes and other items will also be stored, and try to fit them all in. Take into account the space these items will take up and compare it to the space available. If necessary, prioritize your items and consider getting rid of some things. Keep in mind that strategic packing can save space in your storage unit.

Verify whether your storage facility provides climate-controlled conditions for the unit.

The decision of whether to rent a climate-controlled storage unit or not affects how you should pack and arrange your items inside the unit. A climate-controlled indoor unit requires less time to pack your belongings for maximum protection, as it helps to prevent mildew and other weather-related damage. However, if you choose to store expensive items like clothing, electronics, and instruments in a non-climate-controlled storage unit, you need to weigh the risks involved. In case you decide to store such items, you must be extra careful with how they are packed in the storage unit.

Clean your storage unit completely.

Make sure to thoroughly clean and inspect your storage unit for any damage before packing your belongings. Check the walls and roof for any cracks, sharp edges, or leaks. Additionally, it’s recommended to sweep the floor or even scrub the walls and floor with soap or disinfectant for extra precaution. If your storage unit is not climate-controlled or located outdoors, it’s advised to place a tarp or wooden pallets on the ground to protect your items from potential weather and pest damage.

Ensure that all items intended for storage are thoroughly cleaned before placing them inside the storage unit.

If you leave something dirty before storing it, it is likely to become even dirtier when you unpack it later. It is essential to clean and dust your belongings before deciding how to organize and store them. Some important tasks to keep in mind include scrubbing, washing, and dusting.

Launder garments and eliminate all blemishes.

Clean and polish wooden furniture by wiping it down and applying wax. To keep your leather furniture looking pristine, it is recommended that you clean it with a specialized leather cleaner or mild soap. Clean fabric-covered furniture thoroughly using antibacterial cleaner, ensuring it is completely dry before use.