How To Measure The Length Of Lace Wigs?


Some customers reported that they found the hair length of the hair wig they received is not long enough. Indeed, some people even didn’t measure the hair length of hair wigs, only visually made a judgment. Some people took a measurement to reach the same conclusion. 

On the basis of human subjective visual judgment, people always had high expectations as to the hair length of the hair wigs they bought. People may create a psychological illusion that the hair wig they got is short. But the actual hair length is standard.

Every hair company has its own production standard and measuring method. Different measuring methods will take different measurements.  

1-How to measure a hair wig properly?

1.1 For Straight Wigs 

Measuring straight wigs from the top to the longest hair at the bottom like the below picture shows is the standard measuring method. Don’t measure the hair wig from the nape or only measure a strand of hair.

1.2 For Curly Wigs

Most people always think that different hair textures with the same hair length also look the same length. But actually, the same hair length of different hair textures will look different in hair length. The high-temperature steam process to achieve the beautiful curls from straight hair. With the same length, curly hair looks shorter than straight hair visually.   

There is one more necessary step for measuring a curly wig. People need to stretch the curly air to straight before measuring it. Then measure the length of the curly hair from top to bottom. 

These two measuring methods as the above are common and regular in the wig market. All the people can try to measure their hair wigs in these ways. If the measurements are still inaccurate, sending the pictures of measuring data to sellers for suggestions.

2-Hair wigs production standard

Hair ends of varying lengths are the other major concern of many people. They should get more information on the hair wigs production standard. Every single hair on a hair wig has a different hair length. Two main reasons can cause it: 

  1. According to a physiological reason, it is natural to grow the different lengths of hair strand during the regular hair growth process.  
  2. Workers will use different hair lengths of the hair bundles to make a hair wig. For example, making a 22 inches long hair wig may need to use four different hair lengths of hair bundle, including 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches. The hair bundles from top to bottom are 24 inches, 22 inches, 20 inches, 18 inches. Then workers will sew all these hair bundles onto a hair cap in this certain sequence to get a hair wig. In this way, people can get a more layered, natural look. Many customers like that.

If some people want to have a full top-to-end hair wig, then they need to pay far more for it. This is the other high-quality special hair wig that the price will be more expensive than regular hair wigs. People can contact customer service for this special customized service.

3-How to choose a suitable hair wig?

The reason why a customer is dissatisfied with his or her purchase is that they don’t have a correct awareness of the hair length of a hair wig. Maybe it’s the first time that a beginner has bought his or her first hair wig. For more details, people can check the below picture for references:

Different wavy hairs with the same hair length look different. It depends on the degree of hair curve. For example, with the same hair length, body wave hair looks longer than other wavy hairs. Because the curls of body wave hair are looser and bigger than others. Straight wigs look the longest, then body wave wigs, loose deep wave wigs, deep wave wigs, water wave wigs, curly wigs. Then people can start to choose a hair wig according to their heights and ideal lengths. Most people prefer more than 20 inches long hair wigs. 8 inches to 16 inches long hair wigs are more suitable for bob wigs.


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