5 Top Online Merging Tools to Combine Your PDFs

If you have a messy work station, it might affect your productivity because it’s stressful to see, and you will have a hard time finding the documents you need. The same thing applies digitally; that’s why you need to make sure everything is tidy and avoid any scattered documents on your desktop.

It’s hard to handle tons of PDF files at once, but your life will be more comfortable and convenient if you use a merging tool. This guide will help you choose the best merging tools and software. With that, here are the best tools to use in combining your PDF files.


GogoPDF is a web-based PDF managing software that people can use for free. If you wish to combine multiple PDF files in one document, use its PDF merge free function. Besides its merger, you can do many things with your PDFs like converting a PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, PNG, JPG, PDF/A, or vice versa. You can also compress, rotate, unlock, protect, edit, delete pages, repair, number pages, add watermark, and more.

People worldwide can use the features of GogoPDF through their mobile devices, computer, different browser, and operating system. GogoPDF also respects the privacy of your documents, and it will not leak them.


This platform is among the best tools that people use to organize their PDF files. PDFBear will allow its users to use the merge PDF online tool for free and combine their PDFs in seconds. Besides the merging feature, you can also use its other means such as the converter, compressor, split, unlock, rotate, add watermark, protect, and share document tools. When you merge your PDF files, you can efficiently do the process, and in a few clicks, you can start using the merged PDF file.

PDFBear is also accessible in different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Since it’s online-based, people can still use the rich features of PDFBear through their smartphones, desktop, or tablet. It’s the safest platform to handle your PDF Files because the system of PDFBear will automatically erase all the uploaded and downloaded files, not more than 60 minutes. With that, all of your data will remain private and personal.


PDF24 in an online PDF converter and maker that anyone can use anytime. With this platform as your PDF managing tool, it’s more convenient to merge your PDF files, and you can choose the process to be page-based or file-based. You only need to perform the “Drag & Drop” technique and arrange the pages of the PDF from separate files. Users can also delete, move, and rotate the PDF pages before they merge them.

To do the process, you need to upload the files on your smartphone or desktop. You should have at least two files uploaded before you can start the process. Users can also import files from Dropbox or Google Drive. Then, drag the data to change the order or use the “Advanced Mode” to fix the pages’ ranking. When you are done with the modification, press “Merge.” The merged PDF files will be ready in a moment, and after that, you can start downloading the merged file.

Adobe Acrobat 

This software is also one of the best PDF managing tools that many individuals utilize in merging their PDF documents. Organizing tons of PDF files is a challenging task and will consume most of everyone’s time. After you upload your PDF documents to combine them into PDF data, Adobe Acrobat will quickly and conveniently merge individual PDF files without any problem.

Users are also allowed to rearrange different PDF pages, and they can perform the “Drag and Drop” method to easily upload their files. After the merging process, you can also place bookmarks, headers, footers, and page numbers to find or navigate the pages you want quickly.


With its name, this online tool can offer different features to edit your PDF documents. It is no surprise that many individuals use ILovePDF because they use it to export photos from PDFs, convert JPGs to PDFs, and unlock any PDF document without any problem. It’s quite handy for students and business people because they can use this software for school or work.

The same with other online tools, you are allowed to use its different file editing functions simultaneously. With that said, you can rotate any pages of a PDF before combining them.

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Merging PDF files is convenient so that you won’t have to handle multiple PDF files simultaneously. It’s also wise to choose the best PDF merging tool to achieve the process, and we suggest that you use GogoPDF.

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