Patent Registration in UAE – Legal Requirements and Procedure


Whether you are creating a novel item or a unique technique, it always comes with a new opportunity for the growth of your business. Patent registration in UAE is the first step to safeguard your interest. The UAE Ministry of Economy (MOE) regulates patent registration. 

Legal Requirements 

You can get a patent for a novel invention in the world or something which is inventive and not common to any other skilled person in the same field. The invention must be used for industrial innovation. In addition, you cannot register patent for one of these things as per Patent Law article 6(1) – 

  • A rule, guide, or method to do mental activities, play games, or do business 
  • An invention which may cause violations of morals or public order 
  • A mathematical principle, method, or scientific discovery, 
  • A variety of animal species, plants, or biological method to produce animals or plants (excepting microbiological products and methods) 
  • A diagnostic treatment, method, or surgical operation for animals and humans


Documents Required 

Patent applications should be submitted in both English and Arabic through the MOE. Here are the documents required with application – 

  • A certified Articles of Incorporation/Association copy, or Commercial Register extract, duly signed by the UAE embassy 
  • A certified priority document copy from a Public Notary if application to be filed on priority 
  • Specifications of invention, such as abstract, title, drawings, description, and Arabic and English claims 
  • Deed of Assignment or certified original assignment legalized at the embassy of the UAE

After acceptance of a patent application, the information of the patent application is required in the Official Gazette of the UAE. During 60 days, anyone can present any objections for granting the patent, with reasons about why they shouldn’t grant the patent. Based on the objection as well as argument, the patent will be either rejected or granted.

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