Easy Way to Merge PDF by GogoPDF


Almost anyone will agree that a cluttered desktop is not so appealing to look at. The common reasons for a messy desktop home screen are the unorganized files found on all sides of the screen. These files can be of different topics or the same but downloaded or made at a particular time and are forgotten to compile on a single folder.  

While it is understandable that compiling every file on a single folder based on their similarities in content, especially when they were differently created or downloaded chronologically, is indeed needed so that future browsing of the files was a lot easier for you.

GogoPDF’s PDF Merging Service

You may also think of searching for websites that can help you with this messy problem. However, it ends up disappointing because if there is any that has a PDF merge function or feature, it requires a considerable amount of money to use, not to mention the requirement of creating a premium account that needs to be paid per month.

GogoPDF will turn this disappointment into satisfaction. By searching and visiting the website of GogoPDF, you will glance upon a violet conversion box and the four easy to understand steps or stages that can be understood by anyone, newbie or not, to computer uses.

Presenting the Website’s Four User-Friendly Steps

The process will begin when you select the files you want to merge into one. You can also click the file then drag it to the website’s conversion box, whichever you prefer. GogoPDF will now take over the process until the last merging step. The website will proceed with merging the PDF files you wish to combine for the second step.

Merging your PDF files might take a while to process for the third stop. It depends on your selected PDF files’ volume or size, so you do not have to worry if it would take a few minutes. After the merging process, you can now download and view your newly-merged PDF file.

The website’s merging tools ensure that you still control how you wish to merge and arrange the PDF files. You have to have a stable internet connection to enjoy this speedy merging function of sodapdf.

Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable PDF Merging Processing

GogoPDF only focuses on merging the PDF files you wish to join and will not edit anything regarding your documents’ contents. From the text, images, effects, and diagrams were preserved by the website, and everything will remain the same before and after merging aside from the result of a one combined PDF file.

The website also allows the user to fix the order of the PDF files. You can also add more PDFs to the website’s toolbox. Just be aware that the merging process may take longer depending on the PDF files’ size being merged. GogoPDF’s not only boasted its services as fast, reliable, and efficient because it is also free of charge and without any premium accounts required.

Compatibility, Privacy, and Cloud Storage Feature

It is a hundred percent guaranteed that it will operate on your device because it is compatible with almost all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. The website also supports the most popular browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and even Opera.

You might subconsciously worry about your data’s privacy if you will be deciding to use GogoPDF. However, rest assured that the website is fully committed to not breaking every consumer’s trust and automatically deletes all documents uploaded on its server after an hour.

The website’s merging tools perform all four processes through your browser and then be saved in the Cloud. As long as you have a stable internet connection wherever you are, you can merge your PDF through the website without any application or software needed to install.

It is good news for most of the people who worry about the memory storage that will be consumed by the websites if ever they will try to use the GogoPDF merging PDF feature. With its Cloud storage feature, the only thing that will ruin your device’s memory will be the newly merged PDF file after downloading from the website.


A messy desktop home screen will now be removed from the list of your worries. With the help of the fast, reliable, secured, and the best of all affordable GogoPDF’s website, you can now organize your PDF files, merge similar topics and arrange them into one single PDF file. Now, your home screen will no longer be confusing to look at.