Break-Even Point: What You Must Know About It While Running a Start-Up


The most challenging part of a new business is to “generate more revenue than cost involvement”. Though it takes time, and it is the reason firms’ owner seek for the point where they at least the balance results. 

It can be only possible when the including cost is equal to the generating output. This stage provides confidence to the team that the company is moving in the right direction. It is a point which is known as Break-Even Point. 


What Does Break-Even Point Mean In Business? 

Two terms are using in the start-up that decided the future of the company. 

Profit & Loss

When a company fail to sell enough product to recover the essential cost, then it reflects that loses are made. And, if you are retail more than it then it is considering as profit. There is a state between these two things, where you are not making profit or loss. 

It is a situation where the owner wants to reach before they boost sales. Now, let’s have a look at the ways that how you can achieve it. 

Methods to Achieve the Break-Even Point 

There are two techniques that you can read below can help you to get attain it. 


  • Investment 


If you have noticed that business is facing loss, then it is imperative to put extra money in it. You have to do proper planning and execution, but arranging funds is crucial. For new business, get funds becomes a bit difficult. 

To meet the expenses, owner exhaust savings, but it is not the right way. It would be great if you rely on option, like start-up business loans UK with bad credit score. Here, with this method, managing situation becomes easy, and you can use savings to meet other costs. 


  • Franchise 


If you purchase the franchise, then it may give the instant boost. You can save money as well as time to build a brand image, but it may ask for a one-time investment. 

Why Is Break-Even Analysis Important To A Business? 

Many points show the importance of the break-even point in businesses. 


  • Help to grow the firm fast 


Numerous times companies fail to study the growth at different levels. It leads them to face the sudden loss, but for the searching of break-even point, one study at a different level. This small technique leads to better company’s growth. 


  • Easy to read sales price


Changing prices can affect the business in different ways. When you set a price, it would be affordable for the customers, and you cannot sell the product at the same rate all the time. Now, with study, you can easily find the exact cost. 


  • Better understand with fixed and variable costs 


Break-even point considers both fixed and variable costs, and you have to make a balance between them. 


  • Boost the profitability 


 Once you reach the break-even point, then profitability will automatically rise. Both can be considered as “Directly proportional.” 

How to Calculate the Break-Even Point for a Service Business 

To calculate this point, you have to direct the follow that we have discussed in details. 


Direct Cost: It is ongoing expenses that are requiring to direct business. This part includes all cost, even if you Borrow Money from somewhere then add it. 

Gross margin: It is the difference between returns and cost of goods sold divided by profits 

The formula mentioned above can help you to calculate the point. It is easy to calculate the break-even point with it. 

Limitations of Break-Even Analysis

So far, you have read about the importance of the break-even. Now it is vital to understand the drawbacks too. We have shown below.


  • Freeze Sales prices


While calculating the value of break even, you have to fix the cost. With changing value, finding the output becomes impossible. 


  • Fixed the sales and production 


How much you have to produce and to make sales become restricted with this method. It is the method, and this becomes a problem.


  • It is a time-consuming process 


Finding the break-even point is not an easy task because it can occur at any moment. It clearly shows that it is a time-consuming process. 


  • Valid for single products 


If your company works on different products, then break even is not for you. It is only applicable for the single product. 

It is the detailed study of the break-even point, and we have covered almost every part of it. It requires an immense level of patience and efforts. So, read the blog carefully, and follow the points to check that break-even point is feasible in business or not?