Reasons Why Your Car Key Is Not Working


Every car owner has problems every now and then. Broken door locks or batteries that are dead and other issues could cause frustration when trying to access our cars. In this blog we’ll discuss the causes behind why your car keys might not be working, and how you can do about the issue. From damaged key fobs to keys lost in the car No one is free of car problems. Understanding how to fix the most common car issues is crucial to ensure your car runs without issue and preventing any future problems.

Damaged Car Lock

If you discover that your car keys are not functioning, there are a number of reasons it might be. It could be that the key was damaged in a way and it isn’t working properly. Perhaps you have locks that lock your vehicle were changed and the original key does not function. Perhaps you’ve lost the car keys. Whatever what the cause, in case cannot start your car with the original keys There are some steps you can try to do and solve the issue.

The first step is to determine you can determine if the battery inside your car is dead. If not, then try inserting a new keys into your ignition, and switching it into accessory mode. If you’re not successful, try searching for an extra car key or digital key fob, in the event that you have to get out of your car with no keys. If none of these options are working, call an locksmith located in Rye NY to take away and replace the damaged keys.

Damaged Key

If your car key won’t turn in your car there are some ways to resolve the issue. The most frequent reason the car key doesn’t work is if it’s damaged. If you don’t have a spare it is possible to try repairing it or replacing the keys on your own.

Faulty Ignition Cylinder

Faulty Ignition Cylinder

There are several factors that could cause the car key to malfunction. The most frequent causes is when the ignition cylinder is damaged. If this happens the car won’t start. Other reasons that the car key not to work may be due to the fact that the key was stolen or lost, the mechanism for turning keys is damaged or the battery of the key fob is dead. In all instances it is crucial to repair your vehicle in the shortest time possible to avoid dangerous accident.

Worn Out Key Fob Batteries

If you’re having trouble opening the car door or getting your car started It could be due to the malfunction the key fob battery. As time passes, these tiny batteries will become worn out and not function properly. There are a variety of things you can try to attempt to fix the issue yourself.

Examine the batteries are properly installed. Check that the batteries have been inserted in the correct manner and by placing both the negative (+) side facing the outside.

Replace the battery of your key fob in case they’re not able to hold an charge. Key fobs are sold in two-packs and are usually replaced as a pair. You should look for key fobs which come with a replacement part from the manufacturer number printed on them or on their packaging.

If nothing else works then you should contact an locksmith from Rye NY to unlock your car’s door or reset the fob of your key.

Internal Damage To Key Fob/Keyless Entry Remote

Car keys are able to be disabled if they’re stolen or lost or if the batteries in them fail. In certain cases keys may get damaged inside. If your car’s ignition key isn’t functioning, there are few steps you can take to fix the issue. First, ensure that the key is turning in the right direction. It should be turned counterclockwise when it is a mechanical one, and clockwise if it’s the electronic type of key. Then, you should check whether any of the remotes or fobs in the car are missing. If they are you should be able to replace them without needing to re-programme the keys in your car. Then, try restarting your car by pressing all the buttons of the car. This could repair any internal damage and let the car begin.


The most annoying issues that can occur when trying to gain entry into your vehicle is when your car keys won’t turn inside the lock. There are many possibilities for why this could be an issue, and in this article, we’re going take a look at several of them to ensure that you know what one is relevant to you. From corrosion of the mechanism that controls keys to contactors on the battery that have worn out There is generally a solution to solve the issue that is making your car keys to not work. Keep this list in mind in the event that you encounter this problem, and in the near future you’ll be able into your vehicle without difficulty!

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