Top 7 Ways to Secure Your Business Place


7 Crucial Ways to Keep Your Business Place Secure

Keeping your workplace safe is a daunting task. Business theft and security threat prevention remain on top of the mind of many business owners, regardless of the type and size of the business. Whether it is about keeping threats away from your physical premises or digital systems, it is important to ensure that the safety of your employees, your customers, your data and yourself remains your top priority.

Securing your business is more than ensuring that the burglars don’t break in. It is about protecting your business from all forms of danger. So, what are the best ways to protect your workplace from targeted threats or accidental attacks? It is essential to take proactive steps rather than after your property has been compromised. Hence, we have compiled a list of top seven tips to increase your workplace security.

1 Secure your doors and windows first

Your doors and windows are the first thing an intruder attempts to break while trying to break into your property. Therefore, if you want to keep intruders away, you need to first ensure the security of your doors and windows. Assess your locks by hiring a professional locksmith Raleigh NC and ensure they are working completely fine. If they seem to be damaged or malfunctioning, consider replacing them right away.

Before the last employee leaves the premises, all the windows in your building should be checked to ensure they are truly and absolutely locked. Fitting security bars in your windows will add an extra layer of protection.

2 Add security cameras and surveillance system

Security cameras are now a norm in small as well as large organizations. Wherever possible, add as many cameras as you can. Place them at different angles and make sure they show who comes in and goes out of your property. Some crucial places where you should consider placing cameras are front door, entrances and high-value locations within your business.

If you are unsure about how to do it yourself, consult remote monitoring and surveillance security that can help handle security around the clock. Video evidence will allow you to keep an eye of any burglar who might attempt to enter. This gives you a peace of mind that no matter where you are, your premises are safe and secure.

3 Install an alarm system

Just like security cameras, alarms can also help you monitor your premises 24/7. As soon as it detects an unauthorized activity, the alarm will go off and notify people around. This will discourage burglars to stick around and reduce criminal activity.

Install suitable alarm systems on the most critical entrances of your business. Educate all the people who are responsible for closing, opening and securing the premises regarding how to operate the alarm system and what to do if it is triggered, both accidentally or because of perimeter breach. Protecting your business means protecting it from all kinds of threat, including both the human and non-human kind, and alarm system can also help you detect fire and smoke.

4 Be cautious of insider theft

In the present world, not all kinds of burglary happen from the outside. Insider crimes are also rising. In fact, employee dishonesty and thievery account for 20% of all business failures. Therefore, wherever possible, use strict accounting control, inventory control and frequent audits. Let your employees know that you are watching them. Put forth policies that encourage employees to report any theft in complete anonymity.

Speak more about how much you value employee loyalty and honesty. Furthermore, install monitoring devices in crucial areas where most financial trades happen. Trust your employees, respect your employees, train your employees, but also protect yourself from them.

5 Control access using a master key

As your business grows, the number of departments, rooms, doors and personnel might increase, which results in more keys to handle. Rather than carrying around a bunch of keys for every door, having a master key makes the life much simpler and more secured. A master key allows you to design key distribution hierarchy in such a manner that it gives employees access to only rooms they need access to.

It enables you to set different levels of access depending on their roles in the organization. This reduces the instances of unauthorized access, and even if it happens, you would know whom to catch. In addition, one key unlocking several doors means fewer keys to distribute, and subsequently, fewer instances of the keys getting lost.

6 Invest in a high-quality safe

The security needs of different businesses can be different. If you deal with a lot of cash or have a lot of sensitive information about customers in possession, you surely don’t want that information to fall into the wrong hands. Using a high-quality safe is the most effective way to store critical documents, cash and other valuable items.

Safes are available in a range of features, such as fire-resistant and security rated safe. Restrict the number of people who have access to the safe. If possible, change the safe combination periodically. If you already have a safe and it is not functioning the way it should be, don’t delay to contact a specialist locksmith to get it fixed as soon as possible.

7 Use good lighting

Proper lighting can go a long way in protecting your business against theft and burglary. It makes burglars think twice before attempting to break-in. Also, if your business operates during the night time, then good light can make your customers and employees feel safer.

Hence, assess areas of your business with poor visibility, particularly around entrances and parking. Keep your property well illuminated using spotlights, floodlights, outdoor lights or indoor lights. Make sure every area of your business is well lit, and there is no obstructive trees or greenery on the outside blocking the light.

Final Thoughts

The security of your business begins with the front door of your business. Make sure it is highly secure, well illuminated and under video surveillance. Make sure the door locks are functioning properly, and call a commercial locksmith near me right away if you notice any problem with the lock or key. An investment in the security of your business is an investment in the future of your business.