Why PMP certification is need of the hour for professionals?


According to a recent PwC poll, qualified PMP project managers manage more than a third of high-performing projects. Additionally, firms with more than one-third PMP qualified managers had much higher project success rates than those without. Plus, there’s more. In 2016, the PMP was the seventh highest-paying certification. Isn’t that significant? If it does, the next consideration is whether or not you should pursue best project management certification. Let’s have a look at what PMP stands for before we get into this topic in this article.

It’s not easy.

Most individuals agree that the PMP test is challenging. Some students even claim that it is the most difficult exam they have ever taken. The challenge arises from the fact that the exam assesses not just recollection but also application of knowledge. Even a seasoned project manager would be terrified when faced with the strain of time (you must answer 200 questions in 240 minutes). Individual variances in how long it takes to pass the exam also exist. Some people need two to three months to achieve their goals. Others, after years of preparation, are unable to obtain certification.

Enhances the resume’s worth

Throughout your career, you might seek a variety of professional qualifications. But, of all of them, the PMP certification is the most beneficial. Interviewers trying to fill a project management role are aware of this. As a result, they prefer profiles that have PMP certification over those that do not.

Recognized by the industry

The PMP credential is a globally recognised certification. Many certification programmes concentrate on a specific topic or location. PMP, on the other hand, is a globally recognised certification that may be used to any industry and in any location. Adding the qualification to your CV can help you grow regardless of your professional background or sector.

What is the market worth of a PMP certification? Data shows that as a company’s number of qualified project managers grows, so does the success rate of its projects. Companies also realise that qualified managers are more likely to complete projects on time and on budget.

Assists you in mastering crucial skills

On the employment market, there are numerous project managers to choose from. How can you stand out from the throng in such a situation? What better way to go about it than by earning your PMP certification? It improves the appeal of your CV to employers. More importantly, PMP Certification Training teaches you critical abilities that will help you advance in your job.

The PMP certification has strict requirements. As a result, passing this exam without substantial study is difficult. It also necessitates that you grasp the material’s practical application. Obtaining the PMP certificate will necessitate the acquisition of a number of hard and soft skills.


In conclusion, some individuals may consider PMP certification for reasons to study online to be costly, time-consuming, and challenging. However, many recruiting gurus see PMP certification as a valuable credential that enhances your resume’s credibility. It also assists you in developing the necessary abilities to succeed in your chosen field.