The Go Game: Everything You Need to Know


What is the complexity of Go?

While Go has very simple rules, there are a great many possible variations. The number of possible Go games is unbounded. Atoms are more plentiful than matches in the universe!

It is difficult to win a Go match, isn’t it?

For a Go match to be won, you need to perform better than the opponent. Playing better than your opponent makes winning more difficult.

Is it possible to play Go with an unlimited number of moves?

In terms of length of time, it can be played very quickly or very slowly. A player may resign at any time during the match. To complete the game, players will have to make 200-250 moves if territory is counted. Go matches whose territories begin to count before the 150th movie (and some matches whose finishes happen before the 150th movie) may be counted. Conversely, there are some games of Go that last longer than 350 moves. For more information, visit

How long does it take to play a Go match?

Generally, Go matches last one to two hours in amateur tournaments. The fact remains, however, that in some blitz Go tournaments, the player can play for only ten minutes (if he runs over that time limit, he loses). As well as professional Go tournaments, there are some smaller ones, such as the Kisei tournament, where players have 8 hours each to play!

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Have you ever witnessed a draw in a Go game?

It is impossible to draw a Go match unlike other sports. Play by the second player results in a score of 6.5 points. One point represents a single movement in a Go game. Consequently, a Go winner or loser has a 0,5 point advantage.

Do you have any insights into the differences between Go and other games?

Additionally to the Japanese name, Chinese and Korean variants of the Game of Go are very popular in the “western countries” today. Chinese players refer to Go as “weiqi,” which means the game – it is called Go in Chinese.

A Korean word for go is “baduk”, which means “baduk” in English. When compared to ‘Pok√©mon Go’, ‘CS:GO’, “Go” coding languages or “Go-Go dances”, the game of Go may appeal to non-Go players.

When talking about the game of Go with your conversation partner, you can also use terms such as baduk and weiqi to prevent accidental miscommunications.

Do you know what the word Go means?

Originally called an “environmental board game” in Chinese, go is translated directly as “environmental game”.

Translating Go from Chinese can lead to quite a few funny situations, such as when the ‘wei’ – Wai is omitted, leaving the meaning unchanged. Meanwhile, the word chess is often translated as “qi” in several online dictionaries.

Thus, if someone doesn’t understand Chinese and attempts to translate the Chinese materials on Go using the online translator, they may draw the wrong conclusion about what kind of board game it is.