Why Must Townsville Businesses Finally Go Solar?


One of the highest overhead costs that businesses face is the electricity cost. Additionally, they must rely on the commercial power grid that might undergo fluctuations that hamper the work in factories and businesses. They might also experience cash management and budgeting issues due to the sudden fluctuation of prices. A load of investment and expenditure over the long haul from solar panel installations is reduced by the use of solar in townsville.

At first glance, small and medium businesses might believe that it is unaffordable. But they must think again as solar panel prices have dropped since the Australian government has backed the renewable power initiatives by providing businesses with incentives.

There are several advantages that businesses can enjoy by installing solar panels as their primary source of power. Along with renewable energy that ensures a constant electricity supply, they can get an excellent financial return and incentives. However, before installation, businesses must thoroughly evaluate their current and future energy needs, pros and cons and be ready for a slightly delayed return of investment. Here are some significant benefits:

It Cuts Significant Expenditure on Electricity

The Leading Edge Energy survey shows that small businesses use up to 30,000 kWh PA, medium businesses use from 150,000 kWh to 1,000,000 kWh PA and large businesses use 100,000,000 to 7,500,000 kWh PA electricity every year, averaging a cost of about 20.2 billion AUD. According to the Townsville Bulletin, large businesses in the city typically spend over 43,000 AUD a year on electricity. These figures can seem daunting. Using mainstream alternative power sources like solar in townsville, businesses can reduce their power bill by around 400 AUD per kW every year. They can redirect the amount to help the company grow.

It Reduces Other Overhead Costs

Every business wants to reduce its overhead costs, including expenses other than operations and wages. They include insurance, supplies, utilities, property maintenance and electricity. Having a consistent energy supply in the offices and facilities through solar installations can power the lights, heating and cooling systems, office equipment and machinery. While installing solar panels, businesses must consult with the company experts to take all of them into consideration. Additionally, controlled solar power ensures the smooth functioning of all office equipment and reduces its dependence on power grids and the effects of fluctuations and cuts. It is one of the most suitable ways to make a business electricity efficient.

It Increases Sustainability and Longevity

Although many aren’t aware of it, commercial electricity is a commodity businesses must buy. And it is subject to market forces and user rates just like any other, and therefore, the businesses are not free from future costs. By utilising solar energy, they invest in one of the least volatile and the safest sources for consistent power into the future. They can hedge their electrical bet like stock markets by installing a self-contained solar power generating system. They can protect the company from the energy consumption cost and contribute to a sustainable future.

It Increases The Property Value

According to multiple studies, commercial buildings with solar panels as their energy source tend to have higher demand and property value, and therefore they sell faster. With the solar and renewable energy revolution rising in Townsville, installing solar panels makes the buildings more desirable for companies.

It is Highly Affordable

Small businesses that install small scale solar energy systems are eligible to receive the benefits under the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) in Townsville. Solar installation costs have reduced by over 70% in the past decade, which means the amount businesses need to invest in them has fallen.