What Makes Alternative Funding Group The Preferred Resource for New Jersey Businesses


Mainstream or traditional funding is primarily reserved for big businesses that have been around for many years or for enterprises with a business plan that clearly defines cash flow and liquidity. Most banks and financial institutions have stringent qualifying criteria which small businesses are unable to fulfill. They have to look for other types of funding options.

Alternative lending is a type of business funding in New Jersey that does not involve a traditional bank. Over the past few years, the alternative funding market has grown exponentially, making it easy for small and unconventional businesses to get funds. 

Alternative lenders have a more flexible approach towards lending and rely on practical tools to decide if an intending borrower can be approved. Moreover, their approval processes are shorter, and they disburse funds faster than banks. 

Some of the popular names in the alternative funding business include Alternative Funding Group and Westwood Funding Solutions.

A Trusted Name For Easy Funding Solutions

Alternative Funding Group is a leading name in this domain and is trusted by businesses to help them achieve their funding goals. They provide funding solutions to businesses of all sizes and across diverse industries. The company is committed to providing loans through a smooth and hassle-free process on flexible terms. The repayment methods are easy and designed not to put pressure on businesses on a growth trajectory.

Alternative Funding Group was founded to ease the problems faced by SMEs in getting approved for a loan by traditional lending resources such as major banks and financial institutions. Organizations needing cash funds for unexpected and unforeseen business demands can get the loan they need to drive their business ahead and on easy terms.

On the other hand, Westwood Funding Solutions claims to offer various types of US business funding near you and other businesses across different industries. These include interest-only loans, merchant cash advances, asset-based lending, term loans, and others. However, it appears that the rate of interest on loans provided by Westwood Funding Solutions is higher than what Alternative Funding offers. 

Provides Quick Loans to All Types of Businesses

Alternative funding offers loans to small and medium businesses and large industries and corporate companies at a competitive interest rate and easy repayment terms. Their processing methods are faster and simple. You can get the funds directly into your account as working capital or merchant cash advance. Other business funding options are also available from Alternative Funding Group. 

Get Approved Quickly And Benefit From The Superfast Processes

According to reports, applicants looking for funding from Westwood Funding Solutions often have to provide a number of documents and carry out loads of paperwork. Perhaps, they also have a look at the borrowers’ credit standing before deciding on approving the loan. 

Alternative Funding Group makes it easy for borrowers to get the funding they need without getting subjected to reams of documents and files. The company offers secure and unsecured loans based on the requirement of the applicants.

Independent reviews also seem to suggest that Alternative Funding Group is a better option than Westwood Funding Solutions if you need urgent business funds without going through a long and hassling approval process. You can get the money in your bank faster with Alternative Funding. 


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