What is the importance of SQA?


We live in a digital era where quality is preferred over quantity in almost every aspect of life. It is true in the case of the technology sector as producing and working on quality software has been the mandatory requirement of businesses and organizations for many years.

Quality assurance has become a mandate in the software development sphere as it contributes to the success and growth of the industry. Software Quality Assurance Engineering teaches you the necessary technical skills to meet the requirements of the market trends for high-demand technologies.

As the industries are keen on testing apps, software and programs software quality assurance has gained due importance in recent years. Here’s a brief study of the importance and prospects of the field.

What is Software Quality Assurance?

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is the process of ensuring that all the products and services align with the requirements listed in the software specification and meets the defined standards.

All the software processes from the definition of requirements to coding are analyzed to ensure quality. SQA is an ongoing process as the engineers check the software routinely to assure that there are no errors.

What are the approaches to SQA?

The assurance of software quality is based on two main approaches namely:

  • Software quality defect management approach

This involves identifying a defect or bug while analyzing the product. The development team then puts it into a certain category based on its severity and performs specific functions to rectify the defect identified during the process.

  • Software quality attributes approach

This step in quality assurance analyzes specific areas and identifies the errors in them. For example, under the attributes approach the functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, portability and maintainability of the software are checked to ensure quality and predictability.

SQA involves checking for the quality in each stage of the process until the software is complete. The SQA process moves forward only when the result of the previous stage matches the quality standards.

Several software quality assurance techniques are used by the development team and trained professionals to finalize the product. They conduct auditing, code and design inspection, simulation, standardization, path testing, stress testing and many more to produce high-quality software.

What is the importance of SQA?

SQA is the best way to minimize errors and maximize the productivity of the software. If you do it right once, there will be lesser chances of reworking in the future which also leads to cost savings. The predictability of the software depends on the quality of the product and if SQA is performed effectively, the likelihood of a poor-quality product decreases. This increases user satisfaction and helps maintains the brand reputation.

Software Quality Assurance is a crucial aspect of any development project and should be carried out with professionalism and diligence. If you are looking forward to joining tech giants like Microsoft or Google, a graduate certificate in SQA will take you a long way due to the increase in demand for digital solutions.