What are the 10 essential tools to track your web metrics?


Does that make you crazy thinking about- “what’s happening to your website?”

Well, as a business owner you should know which pages people are visiting most, how your users are interacting with your website, and how your competitors are attracting customers online.

Saving a huge amount of data that your website is generating is a confusing and frustrating process.

So, to get the most from your web analytics, you need to opt for web tracking and optimization tools.

That’s why in this article, I have mentioned 10 important tools for tracking your website behavior, traffic trends, and conversion rate.

Let’s get started…

Web Analytics Definition

Before diving deep into 10 important tools to measure web analytics you should know what web analytics is.

Web analytics is a process of analyzing data for managing your business. 

The first of web analytics is the collection and analysis of your and competitor’s data. 

The second step is to translate the data into a set of actions that will help in improving your website.

Lastly, those actions should be aligned with your business goals. This will help in increasing sales, customer engagement, and social sharing.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free standard analytics software that tracks the performance of your website, social networks, behavior, and demographic features of users on your website.

It also helps in identifying your transaction data and which pages on your website are driving the most sales.

Beyond the website behavior and data analytics, it even helps you in monitoring the type of internet browsers and size of computer monitor your customers are using.

You can easily integrate this web tracking tool with other Google products such as Google Data Studio, Google Ads, Google Search Console, and Google Optimize. 

You can also integrate more than a website to track their performance through google analytics.

There is also a paid version available known as Google Analytics 360. This helps in providing data-driven attributes and advanced analysis.  

Google Analytics 360 starts at around $150,000 per year.

  • Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a comprehensive and easy to use application that offers various features to track user behavior.

Unlike other metric tools, it helps in Conversion rate optimization and A/B testing. This will help you build a better website with more traffic, revenue, and leads. 

Besides, it has a heat mapping tool that lets you know where your users are clicking more frequently and where they move their mouse on the page.

Crazy Egg also provides features such as visitor recordings, visitor snapshots, and some site editor tools.

It can be easily integrated with Shopify, WordPress, Wix, and Joomla.

You can use a 30-days free trial version before opting for a premium plan that ranges from $29 per month to $189 per month. 

  • Clicky

Clicky is a powerful analytics tool that monitors what’s happening on your website in real-time. 

This is one of my favorite tools as you can monitor your website for more than 7 locations around the world.

A free version of clicky is available that helps you to know how many visitors you have, how much time they are spending, and when they are leaving.

Clicky also provides spam filtering, uptime monitoring, campaign tracking, and A/B testing.

Additionally, it has a Twitter analytics feature that lets you search for mentions of your business on Twitter.

Although clicky is available free of cost but to unlock all its features you need to opt for its paid version. The paid version starts from $9.99 per month to $79.99 per month.

  • Kissmetrics

Neil Patel founded this web tracking tool that helps you to retain your customer base and reach your potential clients.

This tool is suitable for SaaS and e-commerce businesses. 

It tracks individuals through their multiple visits to your website that helps you to analyze how they are making their purchasing decisions.

Kissmetrics has an email marketing feature through which you can send automated emails to your leads based on their behavior on your website.

Many companies are using this tool to improve user engagement, conversion rates, and client outreach.

This can be integrated with many platforms such as Slack and Shopify.

The pricing of this web tool starts at $500 per month.

  • SEMrush

SEMrush is a powerful all in one marketing analytics tool to track your advertisements on Yahoo, Google, or Bing. 

Its features include SEO and PPC tracking, keyword and competitor research, and site audit reports. 

It helps you to design your keyword strategy based on your competitors’ traffic. You can even find new keywords that will help your website to rank. 

You can also look at the backlinks and dig deep into the data to monitor your brand name and social media efforts. 

It even helps you to analyze any other domain’s backlink profile. You can improve technical glitches by running technical SEO audits.

Last but not least it helps you to track your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) position daily to monitor your rankings.

The monthly subscription of SEMrush starts at $99.95 per month to $399.95 per month. 

  • Moz

Moz is a website analytics tool that will help to access and analyze your website. Earlier known by the name of SEOMoz helps in tracking your rankings in search engines.

Moz gives you detailed data about competitors’ websites and their social media presence.

It also tells about how your website is ranking on google for a specific search term. You can even compare your website’s performance with that of your competitors. 

Moz keyword explorer helps you to find keywords and get content ideas that will help you in improving your SEO strategy.

Many companies are using Moz Pro to increase their rankings in organic search results and website traffic.

Also, by using Moz Local you can check your business presence and how accurate it is listed across the web.

You can start with a free 30-day trial or opt for its premium version that starts at $99 per month.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a paid site explorer tool that helps in monitoring SEO metrics and data about other websites.

The web platform shows you specific page rating (UR), number of backlinks, domain rating (DR), and organic traffic.

It helps in business audits by charts integrated into the dashboard that tracks different metrics.

Your team can analyze competitors ranking and dig deeper to analyze backlinks, search volume, difficulty, and CPC.

Ahrefs even check your website for common SEO issues and content gaps between you and your competitors.

Ahrefs offers a 7- day trial for $7 and their monthly plan varies from $99 to $999 per month.

  • Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a service platform that helps in behavior tracking for product and marketing teams.

It tracks user interactions at different times with web and mobile applications. It even offers reports that help to monitor key performance indicators (KPI).

A user profile feature helps in getting in-depth information about the users such as who they are and which product they like the most.

Mixpanels allow you to zoom in on user-profiles and divide your data into segments. 

It provides a dashboard wherein it becomes earlier for you to monitor and improve website conversion rates.

They do offer a free plan with limited features. To unlock all features their pricing starts at $999 per year.

  • Heap

Heap is a software that is simple to use and thorough. It enables you to capture form submission, every click, page search, and views of your website.

It provides you a granular look to know about your product and its user engagement. 

With the detailed reports, you can improve analytics and your website conversion rate.

You can use heap free of cost if you have less than 5000 monthly visitors to your website.

If you have more data than the paid version is available at $500 per month.

  • Matomo

Matomo is an open-source web analytics tool with more than 1.4 million websites such as NASA using it.

It is a paid web tracking tool that helps you to know how visitors are accessing your website.

Matomo was earlier known as Piwik and has compliance with General Data Protection Regulation.

They offer a precise solution where your business can manage and store your website data in-house.

You can even migrate data between hosting options. Additionally, it provides addons and plugins to customize features according to your needs.

So, by using heatmaps, visitor profiles, A/B testing, and search engine reporting you can design your strategy to scale up the progress.

Matamo starts at a 30-days free trial and its enterprise-level solution starts from $29 to $1199 per month.

Wrapping Up

Website analytics is important for measuring the online performance of your website. Many tools are available but choose wisely to invest in the best analytics tool.

You can choose to use more than one tool depending on your budget. The only thing you should consider is that they should tailor your needs.

Above mentioned tools will help you in knowing about your website visitors, optimization, and marketing conversions.

So, start today and help your company grow by implementing different strategies.