Explore the 5 toppers in property management system (PMS) for Hotels


Hotel management software or property management software (PMS) is mainly used by independent or chain hotels. These software are used to improve efficiency of operational activities. It also helps the management to do work in a simple and centralized manner. Instead of going with the conventional types of hospitality system which causes waste of time and money, it is advisable to install property management software that will reduce workload of the management team.

There are different types of property management systems which provide solutions to different ranges of hotels. Choosing the right one for the hotel is the most important one. Choosing the best one for your hotel seems difficult for you. so, here we are providing a list of top 5 trending hotel management software that will help you to select the best one for your property.

Features of property management systems

  • Cost effective
  • Reduce workload
  • Centralized functions
  • Reliable and effective
  • Suitable for all business types

Top 5 trending hotel management software for 2021


RMS cloud is the fastest growing property management software in the world. It is a popular renowned company which helps in online booking, providing room facility services, and front office facilities to the hotel industry.

It has real-time and seamless booking facilities which is essential in receiving bookings from property websites. Altogether RMS cloud property management system reduces the weight of daily operations in the hotel.


The Front Desk Anywhere is a property management system that was developed in 2009 in Silicon Valley in San Francisco.

The application is user friendly and convenient to use by any user at any time. The main important feature of the application is that it can be used from anywhere. It also prevents hacking and fraud activities. They provide different customizable payment rules.


MSI cloud pm is a cloud based property management system. It is delivered in a web browser in existing computers which results in low cost capital investment. As it comes in a web browser it can be easily available and connected. The PMS has universal interface connections for third – party CRS, PBX, credit card and more. All the data is housed safely and securely. It eliminates the need for on – site IT resources as it can be available from anywhere in the world through web pages.

OPERA Property Management System (PMS) from Oracle:

Mobile is now one of the unavoidable gadgets in the field of property management systems. Opera property management system now provides the complete mobile version of the software called, OPERA mobile cloud service. The staff of hotels can access the details like check – ins, check -outs, reservation management, calendars, room status, room maintenance, and other tasks in the mobile application. It increases the efficiency in housekeeping and room maintenance.


Cloudbed PMS is a completely integrated property management system which has cloud based technology. Cloudbeds help to reduce costly errors that occur due to repeated manly activities. The system is very easy to use and compatible. It also helps the staff to understand the concepts properly.