Website Design Tips to Improve User Experience


Do you know that to get your business lead in the digital marketing platform, you got to have an awesome website, that is not only unique but also user friendly. The website of any business is the major anchor for the efforts put in the digital marketing processes. To design a great website having an enhanced user experience needs a thorough understanding of the various problems that visitors face while being on the website and how to solve them.

In the current marketing insights, having a website for your business is the most important and essential tool than ever. Just to let you aware of the fact, a website acts as a salesman for you round the clock, while being the very powerful asset of your business and the most essential focal point of your marketing efforts.

Hence, it is very important to build an ideal website that can easily meet the user expectations, requirements and experience. In the rapidly changing trends of digital technologies, your website should not look outdated and old, so it’s better to keep up with the latest trends. Redesigning of the website is an ideal option; however, it can cost time and money for this investment which may not be affordable every time.

To deal with all these challenges and keep up with the trends of digital marketing, we have a list of 5 most effective website design tips for improvement of your website’s user experience…

  1. Use appropriate white spacing
  2. Optimize the page loading speed
  3. Make the calls to action attractive
  4. Make your website responsive and mobile-friendly
  5. Look out for errors like 404 and fix them

If you want to build a great website having a more than satisfactory user experience, you would need to understand the different problems visitors go through while being on your website. Let us discuss the above-mentioned points in detail to improve the user experience on your website…

  1. Use Appropriate White Spacing

It is to adhere that a website must have very wise use of the white spacing. Many a times, clients complain about having too much white space into their webpage, which could have been appropriately used for the advertisement of some other services. Experts say that, the use of appropriate white space around the content and text grabs 20% more attention of the users. The use of white spaces within the page makes the website feel open, modern and fresh. With the open spaces and modern feel, you can probably communicate with the user consistently with your branding. And also to make it clear within your thoughts that use of white space does occupy space.

You must know that having too much white space around your content can also lead to decrease the value of information given. It is very essential to find the balance between the use of appropriate white space in your website to highlight the text or image.

  1. Optimize The Page Loading Speed

You must have heard people being frustrated with the loading speed of a website. With the enhanced use of mobile devices, people tend to access the content from all over the world over the different platforms and devices. No one wants to wait too long for the content to load when they want to browse something. Generally, when it takes longer than expected for a content to load on a website, people might bounce back from the website. You can try .A slow page speed always adds as an interruption in the user’s experience. The website can have an extra bounce rate of 20% just because of a delay in page speed by mere 5 seconds. Google has a few services to offer related to the information of the page load speed.

According to expert recommendations, images should be compressed before loading them to the website. Most of the time, the bigger size of the image is the reason for a slow page load speed. Take a look into the size of content you are loading to your website and make sure they are appropriately compressed to increase the load speed of your page.

  1. Make The Calls to Action Attractive

The calls to action placed in the website must be properly marked as the actionable command and let the audience know that these contents are important to them. The users must easily be able to navigate through the website from one page to another linked through proper Calls to Actions placed in the right place. It is also very important to consider the actual words for the buttons of your Calls to Action. Example include, if you want the user to make an account in your website, you can add a Sign Up Button which would make the user land to the Sign up page.

  1. Make Your Website Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

With the technological advances, we must be very careful about meeting the needs to be mobile. This evolution also includes the website as a significant part. It is always important to make your website mobile-friendly and navigation easy. The users must be able to navigate through the website no matter the device they make use of to access it.

It is to be noted that the responsiveness of the websites over different devices has become even more useful since Goggle started to penalise sites that are not optimised appropriately for use over the mobile devices. If you want to make your website valuable and user friendly, you must always consider making it responsive over different devices and browsers. You can also take help from various web design company to look after the responsiveness and compatibility of your website over different platforms and devices.

  1. Look Out for Errors like 404 and Fix Them

You must keep looking into any kind of errors your website may be having while it is visited by the user. Encountering an error 404 on a website by a user is very annoying to them. Generally, after encountering an error 404 where the page is not found for a particular content or image they are expecting makes them rethink to spend any more time on your website. After the slow page load time, it is the error 404 that interrupts a user’s interest in browsing your website and the journey is generally disrupted half way. So it is very essential for you to look up for all the 404s in your website and fix them.

These tips will surely help you revamp your website and make it more user-friendly. You can enhance the website’s reach to your potential clients and users through the help of digital marketing agency Perth. The web design companies also take guidance of the digital marketing services to make the website more effective in terms of design, content, images and user preference of approach.

Make sure you follow all the given tips to ensure enhanced effectiveness of your website among the users whether you manage the website yourself or consider taking help from a digital marketing service provider.