Web Design Statistics to Improve Your Business In 2021


As the owner of a company with an online presence, you are well aware of the impact website design has on commercial growth. You are mindful; however, that website design is an ongoing operation, not a one-time occurrence. As time passes, various modern ages usher in new web design patterns, rendering standard features yesterday outdated today.

With this in mind, site owners and online companies should stay current by closely monitoring the latest advances in the field of web design and growth. And in this manner, should they guarantee that their customers’ and visitors’ websites are up to date with the most recent customer behaviour patterns and aspirations.

As a result, Ottawa Web Design experts curated a list of the top fourteen essential facts and statistics about website design that you should be aware of in 2021.

Website Design Statistics You Should Be Aware Of in 2021

1.    Two out of every three users want to browse a well-designed website.

(Blog Red)

If you are looking for inspiration, one thing is certain: you can not find it on a badly built website. The web is all about variety, personalization, and exploring every possible way to capture consumers’ interest.

  1. Seventy-five per cent of individuals form an opinion on a webpage on its appearance.

(Digital Apeel)

Well, indeed! It’s that significant, and it’s no surprise that web design tools are so popular.

  1. Eighty-one per cent of consumers do internet research before making a transaction in a retail store.


At this point, it is common sense to do so. Users want the lowest price AND the best standard.

  1. The average amount of time between that and a product recommendation and an online order is 20 days, with Amazon taking 26 days.

(From Word Stream)

Nowadays, e-commerce is a formidable force. Online shopping has been so widespread that:

  1. By 2020, 61 per cent of Gen Z consumers would have bought groceries online.

( Chain Store Age)

This is a significant increase from just 29 per cent a few years earlier. Of course, the global pandemic played a role, but Zoomers undoubtedly made their way onto the platform.

Retail businesses need excellent, up-to-date websites as well as an amazing user interface. We cannot overstate the value of good architecture for such businesses.

In terms of Generation Z

  1. Just 9.6 per cent of Gen Z shoppers claim they buy items in supermarkets.


For comparison, the number of millennials is 31.4 per cent. Yes, the age of physical stores is coming to an end. And what an opportune time to get into e-commerce!

  1. 35% of all Google app searches result in a bank deposit within five days.

(From Word Stream)

In terms of online payments:

  1. Handheld devices account for 40% of all purchases.

( Blue Corona)

Digital wallets are becoming increasingly common. Why shouldn’t they? They are fantastic.

  1. E-commerce spending in the United States is projected to hit $638 billion by 2022.

(Statistics from Statista)

Online shopping is a brisk business. Nowadays, no company can afford a bad website. Really unsure? Get this:

  1. In the last six months, 83 per cent of US users bought anything from Amazon.

(Image courtesy of Bigcommerce)

That equates to nearly every American family.

Let us not say that Amazon is one of the most well-known websites in the world for providing an excellent user interface. Amazon browsing is never dull!

According to figures on website design

  1. Seventy-three per cent of businesses invest in design to distinguish their brand from the competition.

( Blue Corona)

Any business requires a one-of-a-kind concept in a literal sense. Clients universally appreciate it.

Consider Amazon once more. One thing is certain: their designers are very busy.

It’s been a cliche that first experiences are crucial.

  1. People spend 88 per cent more hours on websites that have videos.

( Web FX)

The use of videos on your website is an excellent way to improve customer interaction, draw more customers, and increase the chance of visitors making transactions. Websites with videos rate higher in search results as well. When it comes to user interaction, videos are still among the best-performing content types. They also aid in sales by assisting users in understanding a business, product, or service.

  1. In 2017, mobile traffic accounted for 52.64 per cent of all global internet traffic.

According to Statista, web traffic accounts for a greater share of global internet users than desktop traffic.

In reality, smartphone traffic has been increasing since 2015.

These numbers are rising year after year, leading non-responsive websites to lose a growing portion of their audience.

Ask any business if they want to nearly double their user engagement. It’s a safe bet that they’ll say yes.

  1. A smooth interface across all platforms is really critical to 83 per cent of smartphone users.

Corporations with mobile-friendly sites may believe they are immune to the lack of appropriate design in this region, but the reality is quite the opposite.

The phrase “seamless experiences across all technologies” does not imply “similar experience across all channels.”

Rather, it means that a person can visit a website on a device, then pick up a phone or laptop and pick up right where he left off.

The website’s architecture can differ—as it should, given the various screen sizes—but the ease of use and general functionality must never suffer.


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