6 Essentials to Consider Before selecting a Data Center in India


Server Colocation is an ideal and smart choice for enterprises who wish to integrate server operations. In general, most of the companies in the hosting industries rent out the bandwidth and power by giving space for servers in the top tier 3 and tier 4 data centers. In contrast, ensuring complete control over the hardware and valuable information. So, you should consider the flexible fundamentals before choosing a top-tier data centers in India in order to save power and networking costs.

Through this guide, we let you know the 6 Essentials to Consider Before selecting a Data Center in India that helps to save your overall colocation costing and deliver seamless performance.

6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Data Center in India

Indian Data Center provides the best colocation services at affordable prices. With this, you can get the idea which means you can save overall colocation costing. So, let’s take below mentioned factors into consideration to pick the best and reliable Data Centers in India.

1. Hardware – You Pick, Buy and Deploy

With a Colocation Server, you won’t deploy a Dedicated Server’s benefits as you get your own dedicated equipment. So, for using this equipment, you need to buy your own hardware components. So, in order to lease, it’s better to make one time investment in hardware. So, you won’t need to pay upfront charges every month for deploying the hardware components.

Many colocation providers provide hardware and its components as service with the Collocations. So, it’s beneficial for you because you won’t need to pay extra charges for deploying the equipment. But if you are looking for a long-term investment, it would be best to opt for Colocation India to lease to its own agreement. So, in the end, you will get the equipment.

Well, there are plenty of options available in front of you. Among them, you need to choose one to buy the best hardware. Before buying, comparing the pricing and specifications of top data centers will help you choose the best one.

2. Rack Capacity – Colocation Costs Per Rack

You can evaluate the colocation pricing by the rented physical space. A physical space can be assessed either in the rack units generally denoted by capital U (U) or per square feet. Its costing may vary with datacenters in India and depends on the rack size.

When you choose the colocation provider, you must consider a few things: square footage, power(KW) availability, and capacity per rack. The costing will vary with your requirements, like if you require the private cage and suite, then the price may rise on your existing plans.

Another important aspect to consider is the rack size. Racks generally come up in different sizes. So, it would be recommended to choose a 42U rack for those who are not sure about the rack size. It is basically considered as the standard rack. But it is not necessary that it works for all. So, you have the choice to choose the custom Rack orders by your data centers in which you get complete control over your deployment.

3. Setup Fees – Do You Want to Outsource?

Standard Colocation Service Level Agreements(SLAs) implies that you can use the equipment without any assistance. Therefore, most of the Datacenters in India provide hardware deployment. You can also sell out the equipment, and the business person who requires it surely deploy it. This is generally known as the Rack and Stack Services. The Data centers will charge you once for providing a proper server setup. Rest you can be assured as a free of cost setup based on your locations if you opt for the India Data Center.

4. Remote Hands – Onsite Troubleshooting

Before choosing a reliable data center, you must need to ensure what colocation or support services you can receive because support is not generally included with colocation rates. It completely depends on your expert team to give you proper setup, manage hardware for you, and deploy the services. However, many business persons also provide the managed hosting solutions for just an add-on fee for you. In managed plan, the vendors provide you DNS, server monitoring & management, hardware malfunctioning, patching, and SSL management. They provide you these exclusive services remotely and charge you for these additional services. Moreover, there are plenty of benefits of choosing the managed services.

5. Compliance

Compliance implies an agreement that generally signifies the data handling requirements. Let’s understand with an example, Most data centers are HIPAA Compliant, which is usually necessary for the companies that come under medical lines. These facilities may be solicited later, thus quite expensive. So, to manage your equipment with HIPAA Agreements, you should choose the reliable and Biggest Data Center in India that will help you out in this whole process.

6. Cyber Security – Malware Free

The highest level of security is mandatory or critical for all the data centers. Therefore, choosing the National Data Center India becomes the most prominent decision for you. The platform ensures you all the best in today’s market security measures that come under standard security. This security comprises a perimeter fence, mantraps, biometric scans, 24/7 video surveillance, key card access, and many more.

These are the top 6 very compelling principle factors that every business person must consider before making a wise decision to choose the best and prominent data center in India.

Why Serverwala is the Best Data Center in India

Holding a broad range of versatile experience in delivering industry-leading data center services to numerous enterprises, the Serverwala Cloud Data Center broadens its worldwide footstep by gracefully establishing the various data centers in different locations. The Datacenter is popular because of providing a world class ecosystem, SLAs, the highest uptime, and consistent services to potential business persons. They do not compromise with the quality of services. Moreover, many reasons influence enterprises to choose the best services from the Serverwala for their company. Few are listed below:

  • Reasonable price for hardware Equipment
  • World class Hardware Specifications
  • Service Level Agreements
  • High Security Ecosystem
  • Full-Time monitoring by professionally experienced staff
  • Greater Quality and high performance
  • Fully Managed Atmosphere Conditioning
  • Dedicated Server Management
  • Potential uptime and reduced latency.
  • Clear and Transparent Costing

In a Nutshell

The crucial upshot is that colocation hosting accomplishes your business requirements. So, let’s take out a few moments to comprehend how the best Data Center Service Providers in India operate their DCs and deliver the astonishing output to the business persons. So, I would like to go with the Serverwala Cloud Data Center to ensure higher uptime with zero or minimal downtime and deliver robust and powerful hardware components and much. The interesting fact about this platform is that you get all the basic to standard equipment with world class services at an affordable price. So, I must say you should opt for it.