Ways to make a logo


The success of each company, annual event, sports team depends on the thoughtfulness of processes, concepts, financial and material investments. The logo plays an important role. The memorability of the object and, accordingly, the probability of repeated appeal depend on it. Creating a high-quality logo is an extremely difficult task. It takes a lot of time and effort to get it right. Consider the process of creating a logo in more detail to facilitate work and eliminate errors.

What is a logo

A logo is a picture with text. The image is symbolic for the strongest possible impersonation with the object. The text should inform about the field of activity. Most often, the text includes a title or slogan. Logos are placed on products, on street stands, on the Internet and television advertising. Logos are designed to advertise a product, service, sports team or inform about an event. The characteristics of a great logo include:

– simplicity, the human brain does not remember objects with more than 5 different elements;

– brightness to attract attention, background colors of red, yellow or orange;

– unusual and unique, should be different from analogues.

An example of a great logo is Amazon, the name on a black background with an orange line. Some companies do not consider it necessary to place a name or slogans on their logos, they are simply represented by a bright picture. This is allowed only if the company is really famous. An example is the McDonald’s logo, a yellow M on a red background.

How to make a logo online

The process of creating a logo can be expressed as the following steps:

1. The collection of associations regarding products or services is carried out through team brainstorming, it is necessary to collect as many people of different ages, genders, levels of education and incomes as possible to collect the most relevant data;

2. The choice of colors in accordance with psychological perception, red – energy and drive, green and blue – peace, purple – wealth and luxury, white – cleanliness and order, gray or beige – classics and conservatism, orange – speed and steadfastness, worth take into account that the arrangement of colors can change their psychological assessment directly to the opposite;

3. Choosing a font, most marketers recommend using classic block letters, in which case the largest possible number of people will be able to read the text;

4. Definition of the text, it can be a title or a slogan;

5. Creation of sketches and selection of the most successful, it is necessary to leave 3-5 options;

6. Printing sketches of logos, conducting a sociological study, you can simply walk the streets of the city and ask people for their opinion about the product (do you like the logo, what does it represent in your opinion?) Or order a survey on the Internet;

7. Deciding on the most successful option, checking its scaling to city advertising stands, souvenirs, it should look good everywhere;

8. Creating a ready-made digital version, it is optimal to use a specialized logo generator resource called Turbologo, it has multiple functionalities, the interface is intuitive, you do not need to spend a lot of time on learning.

It should be remembered that you have to like the product. If some element seems too modest or, on the contrary, pretentious, you should change it.


The logo plays an important role in the development of any company. He logo depends on brand memorability. It is necessary not to save time and money on the development of a quality product. The criteria for a quality product include simplicity, brightness and unusualness. It is necessary to think over the concept by team brainstorming, when choosing colors, their psychological perception should be taken into account. Before promoting the logo, it is necessary to conduct a sociological study. To develop and make adjustments to logos, use the Turbologo resource.