Use mods and buy GTA online money to have freedom of action


It’s not a secret to anyone that the success and popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series of games are based not only on the original storyline, open world, ability to buy GTA online money bringing the freedom of action but also on the ability to integrate various improvements like mods, patches, and additions into the gameplay. Use them or not is a matter of taste. In any case, players should be interested in learning about the most common game modifications. However, it is worth remembering that the use of mods can be fraught with blocking in GTA Online. So, it is better to install extensions exclusively for the version of the game that you do not use in multiplayer.

The best five GTA5 mods

To run the simplest mods it is enough to copy the contents of the downloaded archive to the root folder of the game, i.e. where the GTA5.exe file is located. More complex add-ons require the preliminary installation of the Script Hook 5 utility. It must be downloaded and also unpacked to the root of GTA 5.

To call the mod menu, you will need to press F4 after the start of the game. However, there is a separate type of modifications that require additional software for installation. You need the AddonPeds utility and the OpenIV toolkit for them to work. Don’t forget to make a backup copy of the GTA 5 folder before installing any mods.

Crime And Police Rebalance & Enhancement

This mod’s work may be summarized as follows: setting the game for more loyal parameters in relation to the behavior of the police officers that allows you to achieve a more interesting game. In the large list of features of this addon, there is an item for setting the behavior algorithm of passers-by. The user can choose the optimal parameters, simplifying or complicating the process of playthrough.

Car mod 2015 BMW I8 (I12)

This is a hybrid of the BMW with a futuristic exterior. The cost of this car on the market exceeds 100,000 US dollars. Many people would prefer to drive this car in the game, rather than spend a silly-money to buy such a vehicle. For those who simply do not have that amount of money, a test drive in GTA 5 is a great solution: excellent graphics, realistic behavior of the car on the road, and a unique view from the car’s cockpit.

Skin Control

With it, players can customize their characters the way they want. When it comes to the appearance of a character, everyone wants to see as many settings as possible in the menu. Thanks to this modification, GTA5 players are able to fine-tune the appearance of any of the characters in the game. Now you can insert your copy into the gameplay, can you imagine how cool that is? Create your appearance on the current character of the game with the help of one of the best appearance editors for GTA5.

Open all interiors

The essence of this modification is simple. The program gives the player access to the interiors of over 60 objects. After installing the mod, you can enter banks, hospitals, stadiums, factories, police stations, shops, and even buildings that are under construction. In the free time, the player can walk around the places already familiar from the missions, take cool screenshots and even record interesting gameplay videos.

Vehicle mod McLaren P1 2014

Now everyone has the opportunity to drive an English hyper car with the value of more than one million Euros in the game. This car has tons of unique features, one of which is the active rear wing. When you step on the gas pedal, the spoiler rises higher for better downforce. Also, hyper car fans know that the P1 has very interesting doors that open upwards like wings.