How to Decide If Cord Cutting Is Right for You?


If you are confused about whether or not to ditch the cable and get on the streaming bandwagon, with various thoughts hovering over your mind, leaving you with a mixed opinion of not exactly knowing what to do. You find yourself scratching your head and it’s totally understandable. It is an important decision to make and will affect your entertainment time. Well, let us help you there. First of all, be clear about your priorities. Is it the budget, the channel line up, the on-the-go TV watching, the reliability, or what is it that is among your major criteria? Also, your current experience with a cable provider can be of consideration. There are some effective options like RCN cable for instance, that will not let you down when it comes to reliable service and extensive channel line ups catering to the entertainment needs.

However, it is understood that not everyone is happily dumping their monthly cable or satellite TV bill as different providers have a varying degree of service and customer satisfaction. You happen to find yourself stuck in that loop, and considering getting out of the monthly cable bill drill, and have a hard time making a final decision, we have you covered in this post. Here is how to be sure if it is the right time for you to cut the cord or not:

Should you drop your Cable?

It is a fact that cable TV takes a considerable amount of your budget and comes under one of the expensive utilities of the household. Because you have much cheaper streaming options as compared to cable TV offering better convenience and access to a wide range of content, cutting the cord can be the right choice to make as long as you have a high speed and stable internet connection. Here is a look at some major reasons to ditch the cable and consider streaming:

Cost Saving

There is a considerable difference in the monthly bills between the cable TV subscription and a streaming service subscription. Streaming services charge less and usually do not impose any overage charges as they have a no-contract policy.

More Convenience

With a cable TV subscription, you are usually bound to your TV set but with a streaming service subscription, you are free to watch your favorite content on any internet compatible device without any time constraints. Whether you are traveling, in the office during a lunch break, or having coffee at a restaurant, you can enjoy an episode of Friends or catch up with what the Roses are upto on Schitt’s Creek whenever you get some time to relax amidst a busy day.

Good Variety of Content

With a suitable streaming subscription, you control what you want to watch, how much you want to watch, and which device you want to use. Not only that, you do not have to worry about ad interruptions or contract signing when streaming.

Cord Cutting Steps

If you have made up your mind for cutting the cord then here are the cord-cutting basics you should start working on:

Try an Antenna, folks!

You can cut the cord even if you do not have sufficient home internet data to support any of the streaming platforms. If you are wondering, how? Then the answer is with an HD antenna. You can enjoy free live TV by mounting an indoor or outdoor antenna. However, you will not be able to access all the cable channels. If you want to access a wider variety of content anytime you want, then you can proceed to the next steps.

Reconsider your Current Internet Plan

To be able to enjoy a seamless streaming experience, you must have access to a faster speed and reliable internet connection. So choose a reliable internet service provider, preferably a no data cap or sufficiently high data limit since online streaming consumes a lot of data.

Go for a Suitable Streaming Service

An antenna cannot offer you a lot of content but with a streaming service, the sky is the limit. You can access myriads of TV shows or movies. Due to the growing streaming trend, we see multiple streaming services exploding the industry. So, for cord-cutters, the options are countless. In addition to TV and movie entertainment, most of these streaming platforms also generate outstanding original content. Of course, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu are the top ones out there with millions of subscribers across the globe availing themselves of their cost-effective plans.

Final Words

You can always try an antenna or a suitable streaming service to save a good amount of money and enjoy better convenience. If you already have stable and fast-speed internet access with no data caps then cord-cutting might be a very good decision to make. Not only will it cost less, but you also have more control over what you want to watch and where.