Understanding The Fundamentals Of Improving SaaS Product User Experience


Among the most difficult challenges that SaaS companies face today is long-lasting customer engagement.

A positive user experience is critical to the performance of your SaaS software solution. Multinational businesses recognize this fact very well, rendering them pay close attention to customer experience. This also drives them to make improvements along the way. 

It has an immediate effect on how consumers communicate with and connect with businesses. It has an effect on retention and turnover, as well as MRR and CLV. In a nutshell, it’s extremely necessary.

Moreover, according to smartkarrot, the market capitalization of SaaS services is expected to reach a growth of 14.5%. 

This is why we’ve created this guide to help you understand how you can improve the usability of your SaaS product. If you have a SaaS development company and implement the following tips, rest assured your business’s UX will improve greatly. 

How To Improve SaaS Usability?

Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to boost your SaaS product user experience:

  1. Make A Good First Impression With Onboarding 

Onboarding is extremely important. It is the phase at which the consumers determine whether they’ll stay with your business or go for an alternate option. A bad onboarding experience could have an adverse effect on your company’s image.

If used properly, onboarding will assist you in the following ways:

  • It will aid you in making a good first impression
  • It will help in the reduction of employee churn
  • Set a good tone for future customer interactions

This is why having an efficient onboarding strategy is important. 

  2. Incorporate Support Systems

Although UX (User Experience) and CX (Consumer Experience) are separate concepts, it is the same when they need extra support while working with SaaS tools. 

To render this task easily, several SaaS development companies have incorporated live chat support solutions. With these systems in place, users or consumers will have their queries answered in a matter of minutes.  

As per a study by Aspect Software, it was seen that 69% of millennials have positive thoughts about a brand after they solve a problem without reaching out to customer service.  

With this in mind, here are a few tips you should follow while incorporating support systems:

  • Position the chat support systems in a place where the user can instinctively locate them. This way, they will not spend a lot of time trying to find help. 
  • Always have an alternative solution and mention it. 
  • Ensure you use this as an opportunity to better understand your customers.

  3. Let Your Service/Product Do The Talking

If your brand message fails to properly represent the service, you risk losing customers’ attention. Advertising should never oversell a product. This type of click-bait can be effective for content, however, it is not appropriate for SaaS product descriptions. Transparency contributes to the development of a positive consumer experience.

One approach to embrace transparency is to shift your emphasis from the presentation and showmanship of the UX and focus it on its functionality.

Be sure the packaging emphasizes the features you offer. Be mindful of what you represent when using photos on your website. It’s pointless to use flashy photographs that don’t correctly represent your tool or name.

  4. When Launching Updates, Let The User Know

There is always room for improvement and learning in any software. Undoubtedly, this is true as we daily see new updates of several apps on our phones. 

The same applies to SaaS products. When you launch an update, you need to make sure users are aware of it. If they aren’t, it will make their experience a pretty bad one. 

It is important to introduce changes in a manner that helps the customers to adapt. Here’s one way of doing it:

  • You should try to include an updated list for users to see. This way users can be aware of the changes. Plan your updates in a way that the most useful ones are discovered easily.

Or you could even use hints in the tools to help customers discover updates in an enjoyable and rewarding manner. 

  5. Pay Attention To User Feedback

Of course, you would like to create the best product imaginable, but you’ll never do it right the first time. Creating a functional product is a continuous process that includes dozens of revisions and it will necessitate customer input as well as efficient internal communication.

SaaS organizations should strive to develop a motivating environment in which employees work to provide an exceptional user experience. Pay attention to customer reviews, both negative or positive. You should use that feedback to improve your service. It will only help in improving the product. 

Remember, in order to improve the SaaS user experience, frequent feedback is required.

Final Word

These are some of the important tips that you should bear in mind when trying to improve UX. Improving user experience will help your business reach new heights. So make sure you lookout for more ways to improve the usability of your SaaS products and you can drive your business upwards like never before. Alternatively, you can seek help from an experienced team at offshore development centers.