Ultracapacitor VS Capacitor – Why It Is “Super”


A capacitor is a fundamental component needed to create electric circuits. While other devices like resistors, transistors, etc., may also be required for the purpose, capacitors are critical to the completion of a circuit. Principally, they store electrostatic energy and release it when the circuit needs it, allowing the current to flow. In recent times, capacitors also have undergone numerous revolutions.


Ultracapacitor vs. Capacitor: Key Differences

Ultracapacitors (also known as supercapacitors), unlike conventional capacitors, quickly deliver energy during peak power demands. They are an innovation in the field of capacitors, primarily to store energy while pulling extra power that might be lost otherwise. 

Basically, both ultracapacitors and capacitors store charges in the form of an electrostatic field. They have similar functions when storing charges – however, there are some striking differences between them. Here’s the difference between the two: 

  1. Capacitors have two electrodes with a dielectric medium in between, while ultracapacitors are a kind of polar capacitors with an electrolytic solution as their medium. 
  2. Ultracapacitors store and discharge energy quickly and efficiently; the capacitors, on the contrary, are damage-prone when dealing with vast amounts of energy. 
  3. While capacitors store energy in the form of the electric field, supercapacitors store it between the electrolyte and electrode. 
  4. The charging and discharging of conventional capacitors are relatively slow; however, the supercapacitors deliver charges much more quickly and store more charges. 
  5. As they bear relatively low density, these conventional capacitors are cheaper. Ultracapacitors have high density and are more compatible with harsh environments, contributing to their high price. 

While both capacitors have advantages, industries tend to choose ultracapacitors since they combine the features of batteries and capacitors, ensuring excellent and rapid power delivery. Moreover, an ultracapacitor complements the energy storage device, which fails to provide rapid power bursts, and takes longer to charge and discharge. 


Features of Beryl’s Ultracapacitors

Are you wondering where to get the best ultracapacitors to suit your growing needs? Beryl’s supercapacitors have got your back. Beryl has received positive market responses for the high-end capacitors they provide, 2.7V 500f capacitors, in particular. Their business invests in emerging technologies and innovations to produce competitive electric equipment. 

Additionally, the convenience of Beryl’s capacitors contributes to the long-standing popularity of the brand. The compact size, durability, long working cycle, etc., are the components the company primarily focuses on. Below are some features of Beryl’s supercapacitors and their extensive application in multiple industries. 

1. High power density

The ultracapacitor is an electrostatic device with a huge capacitance due to its constructional feature — the electrodynamic double layer. The design attaches high power density to them, allowing ultracapacitors to maintain powerful and stable distribution. 

2. Long service life

The average working lifespan of ultracapacitors is 12 years since they can work well even in harsh environments, like extreme temperatures, from –40°C to 65°C, and strong vibrations. Besides, they boast typical cycle life of 500,000 to 1 million charge/discharge cycles.* 

Beryl stands out from other ultracapacitor manufacturers mainly in generating highly reliable ultracapacitors. Industries that are machinery-intensive need dependable capacitors to maximize their outcomes. Thus, Beryl saves industries from staking their work. 

3. Light-weight

Battery-based energy storage is bulkier than the ultracapacitor because a light battery will have difficulty dealing with peak power demand. However, the high power density in the ultracapacitors frees them from the problem. 


Suitable for a wide range of applications, Beryl’s ultracapacitors are made to be highly reliable. The brand stands out in terms of quality standards are durable yet economical solutions. They have excellent compatibility in the LED industry, telecommunication industry, medical equipment, speakers and amplifiers, etc. They are super dependable while serving various applications. 


For more information about Beryl and their ultracapacitors with top-end quality, you can visit their website: https://en.zq-beryl.com/.