TWITTER V/S INSTAGRAM : Marketing Startegies


Social media marketing has evolved into an important component of corporate advertising.

Social media has the ability to reach people in any part of the world. There are numerous social media platforms. Twitter and Instagram are two of the most rapidly expanding social media platforms.


Instagram has the most users of any social network, and the number is rapidly growing. Instagram’s incredible growth (200 million users in just eight months in 2017) has come from a global audience, with 80 percent of Instagram users residing outside the United States, as with other social networks. Instagram has the ability to keep users focused on the content that is being posted, which is critical for any company’s advertising.

People who are interested in politics and sports are the most likely to use Twitter. When you scroll through Twitter, your feed is full of links to blog posts, news articles, videos, and other content that takes you away from the app. In this situation, it becomes more difficult to get your followers or customers to see and interact with your content or advertisement. While Instagram may have more engagement on a specific platform than Twitter, ‘Twitter eventually develops engagement outside of their social media network.


Today is not the day to disregard Instagram.Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms. Now is the time to use social media networks. Since text ads are not allowed on Instagram, the advertising on Instagram is not text ads.

This is a visual platform. However, it is made up of photographs and images. Videos are also used to promote products accompanied by texts in order to reach the intended audience.

There are various types of Twitter ads. One example is promoted tweets, which are similar to regular tweets with the exception that the brand is paying to have their content displayed in order to gain feeds.


Instagram has become one of the most valuable tools for marketers in the modern era. In 2019, 60% of Instagram users said they learned about a product from Instagram. By using the right hashtags and uploading Instagram Stories, we were able to increase our ROI.

Twitter, according to third-party research cited by the company, can provide a 40% higher return on investment than other social media networks. Among four brands studied by Dentsu Aegis Network, Carat Global, and Data2Decisions, a dollar spent on a Twitter ad campaign yielded an average return of $2.70.


People or products become popular in today’s world as they travel. The condition of being quickly spread or circulated among people through its content is referred to as virality. It is critical for advertisers to reach a large number of people, which they can do by creating viral content. Viral content must be appealing.

It is catchy if it catches the attention of consumers. If it goes viral on all social media platforms, people will start tweeting about the product, creating hashtags, and talking about it.

Whatever is on Twitter is on Instagram, and vice versa, making it difficult to compare the two in terms of which has greater viral power. Both social media platforms are extremely powerful, it can be said.

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