Why Is Appreciation A Great Factor In Leadership?


The art of appreciation rarely exhibits in a workplace nowadays. Making the expression of gratitude shows your humbleness and expresses your empathy towards someone. Studies have shown that only 10 percent of people show proper appreciation. Lacking the recognition of their work is the biggest hindrance to show creativity and work productively.

In contrast, a leader like Larry Weltman, who appreciates the staff, praises the team members, and understands the situations, is more likely to get increased efficiency out of their team. You may wonder why appreciation is so important in leadership or business management? Let’s answer this question by going through the definition of appreciation. 

What Is Appreciation?

Appreciation generally means “showing thankfulness or gratefulness to someone for recognition, and enjoyment of their work.” It can be as simple as just saying “I appreciate it” or saying “Thank you” to someone for their work or a project. Showing gratitude to people makes them feel more energetic. Your “Thank you” might make someone’s day. The things which might mean nothing to you can mean the whole world to someone. Leaders can praise their workers and work on their emotional intelligence. 

The Power Of Appreciation

Appreciation makes you feel soothed in the workplace. It plays a key role in developing a positive vibe in the environment. Some people struggle to motivate their team members but are still trying to do so. Why is that? The major reason is appreciation.

People feel more committed and feel more energetic when they are praised for their efforts. It is a fact that great employees do not quit because of their heavy workloads and extra hours. They quit because of their hectic and bossy supervisors. Lack of appreciation can ruin all your day or even make you mentally disturbed.

Studies have proven that 53 percent of Americans report feeling alone and lonely in the office. With a hectic workload in a stressful environment, you are more likely to get bored, decreasing your performance.  A thank you would be enough to make them feel energetic. 

How To Express Appreciation

The simplest and easiest way to appreciate someone’s work is to just go to them, appreciate them for their work, and simply praise them. It’s the least that you can do, and it strengthens your bond with the team.

A leader like Larry Weltman Toronto-based knows that a team needs motivation, and the best motivation lies in making them feel happy. They create a warm, nurturing environment for everyone in the office. 

  • Make it a habit of appreciating someone’s work because they are doing it for you and your company. 
  • Giving a gift or a bonus can also be a great way to appreciate your worker, which they would like way better than a thank you. 
  • Spending some time with the employee and showing a positive gesture towards them would make their hopes high. 


Appreciation is something that you need to act on. How much time you would lose saying “Thank you” to someone. Be grateful to the people around you. If you make someone happy today or be the reason for someone’s smile just for one day, it would make your whole life beautiful.

Your intentions must be pure. There must be no heat in this matter. You just need to go and say, “I am grateful for the work you did for me.” That’s it. That’s all you need to do. 

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