Top Reasons Why Your Indexed Pages Are Going Down

Indexed Pages Are Going Down: Search engine optimization (SEO) has various fronts and aspects to look for when going through the process. From keyword research to focusing on off-page performance and enhancing on-page factors, the domain is widespread. One critical aspect that you must not ignore is the technical side of SEO which reflects your overall website performance. Talking of the technical things in SEO, page indexing is known to many but understood by a few. Indexing is crucial for your ranking, and the opposite can lead to problems. We will discuss the reasons why your indexed pages are going down or are not indexed at all. Keep reading to know more!

Reasons why indexed pages are going down:

There are various reasons why your web pages are not indexed or if the number of indexed pages decreases. It could happen because Google or any other search engine thinks your web pages are irrelevant, or your web pages are slapped with a penalty. Our task for today is to walk you through the reasons why it happens. Are you ready? Let us begin!

1. Change in URL structure:

A change in domain or subdomains due to changes in backend programming or CMS can eventually lead to a change in URL. How would the bots crawl or index your site or pages if they remember your old URL? The search engine has a dilemma when your URL is changed and the content is the same. It will always rank your old page and not the new one.

A change in the URL structure may lead to re-indexing, adversely affecting your ranking on the ladder. It is best practice to watch out for these issues since they matter the most. You better join hands with a professional SEO services company in Dubai to look after these issues for you and keep your site on track.

2. Slow loading time:

A slower site loading speed always impacts the indexation of your web pages. Slower site speeds eventually show 500 server errors on Google Search Console and other search engines. If the crawlers can’t index your page in the allotted time, they will mark it against your site or web page, which may affect your overall ranking.

A single web page with lower speed can erode the entire website ranking and performance if not resolved on time. The search engine will eventually remove these pages from the indexing list, impacting your overall website ranking.

3. Duplicate content problems:

Duplicate content can coincidentally be presented too when genuinely unique pages appear to be indistinguishable. Pages with duplicate content fundamentally appear the same because they don’t have any special attributes that web search tools search for. With similar title labels, headings, and indexable substance, these pages end up in a messy situation. What is the point of making numerous pages with similar content? Web crawlers won’t crawl and index these pages.

There is no worth to a web crawler in indexing at least two duplicates of a similar page. So when copy content begins to sneak in, indexation commonly begins to go down. Web crawlers will index none of these pages, affecting the overall website performance and ranking.

4. New website design and architecture:

Another major reason why some web pages are not indexed is a change in web design and architecture. Changes to a site’s header and footer navigational constructions frequently sway classifications and pages. When spaces of the site are eliminated from those sitewide navigational components, web crawlers downgrade the worth of those pages since they get fewer internal links. Downgraded value can bring about deindexation.

When the architecture of a web page is changed, like if the amount of content is reduced or increased, it can affect indexing. Moreover, make sure the text is apparent, like plain HTML text, to help the search engine crawl it. These aspects fall under technical SEO and must be done right.

5. Crawlers see your pages differently:

Some websites or web pages are developed using out-of-the-box CMS tools. The developer goes for it without checking if it is search engine-friendly. Eventually, the web spiders will see your pages and website differently than we see. Such implications lead to reduced or no indexing at all, leaving your website ranking and performance at stake.

Issues like these are not easy to handle, especially when the site or pages are developed. It would be best if you made changes to the site to make it search engine-friendly. To avoid these complexities, it is best to take an expert on board and let them look after every process.

Opt for Experts’ help during your SEO journey!

SEO is staying here for a long, and companies should capitalize on the best strategies to improve their ranking. However, it is not a walk in the park to move up the ladder. You need to hire professional SEO executives from SpiralClick and let them do the harder part for you.

Guest Contributor
Guest Contributor
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