Want To Boost Your WordPress Website’s Search Rankings? Here’s The Tips To Follow


Having a web presence has already become a must for businesses and high fidelity individuals especially due to the convenience and ease they offer in reaching out to the target audience. Whether you want to develop a customer base for your niche products or services or whether you just want to build support for a noble cause, you can do it better with a website of your own. A website allows you to become easily visible through the search engine ranking and get noticed by millions. 

But while everyone is trying to achieve search engine visibility, it is not easier to cut through the competition. Well, this is why following some time-tested practices and principles really matter that help you achieve better search engine ranks. If you have chosen WordPress for the content management platform of your website as too many content-focused websites already did, you also have several tested and tried principles that can help improve your SEO ranking.

Here we are going to explain some of the most effective and time tested principles to give your WordPress website development a search ranking boost. 

Boosting Search Rank On The Merit Of Content 

Most search engines including Google particularly prefer websites that are regularly and frequently updated with fresh new content. Google’s search engine algorithm always gives preference to websites that are fresh and relevant. Google search engine always ranks websites higher that are loaded with fresh and most relevant content. If a website creates a niche reputation regarding its expertise on a particular topic, Google will definitely give it priority over others when listing search results related to the keywords of that niche.  

Moreover, content quality boosts the organic footprint of users and that in turn makes search engines take your website seriously. As a new website, you may not be able to hold search ranks on a regular basis against every targeted keyword. But over a period of time as quality web content fetches your website steady flow of traffic from various sources including social media platforms, even search engine algorithms will slowly start giving more importance to your website and provide better SEO ranks. Or you can see our best quality blogs for sale and we have a superior SEO expert team with a strong background. 

Produce Loads of High-Quality Backlinks 

Search engine algorithms do not just focus on what your website publishes, but it also takes into consideration the validation by other stalwarts in your niche. This is why if your website in spite of publishing great content does not refer visitors from other authoritative websites, your search engine ranking chances get lower. Backlinks from authoritative websites, on the one hand, provide validation to your website and on the other hand, they actually add value to the user experience by providing an extra layer of information and resources. 

In this context, it is important to remember that dubious and inorganic means of generating backlinks are tremendously discouraged by the search engine algorithms now. If you generate backlinks by using Blackfoot measures such as link sharing, paid links, etc, Google’s search engine algorithm can even punish you by dropping you way below your regular search rank. This is why, most successful SEO marketers always use organic search ranking methods including guest blogging, publishing in question-answer websites, social media publication and social bookmarking. 

Optimizing The Image Files 

Images are a vital part of web content for the simple reason that they give your web content a visual flair and help users discover the value of content through visuals. Moreover, Google and other search engine algorithms list images separately as web content and allow the users to search and access them as per their search keyword or search term. This is why it is extremely important to optimize the images of your website with some attributes that really matter for better search engine ranks.  

For image optimization, first of all, you need to use high-quality images that do not make you compromise on the purpose and usefulness. Secondly, you need to choose a perfect image format that works well with your bandwidth and storage capacity and does not cause slow-loading problems. Lastly, to help search engines find your images easily and without delay, add ALT attributes and keywords with every image file. This will improve your chances of getting search engine results with images as well.

Keywords, Meta Tags and Meta Description 

Finally, we are at the core aspect of achieving better search engine discoverability for a website. Search engine algorithms basically find websites based on the keywords and search terms used by visitors to find content. Now, this requires any website content to be loaded with the target search terms and keywords to help the search engine crawler find the content whenever the user searches using that keyword or search term. Well, besides regular content posts, a website should use these search terms in the meta description of the post, the SEO title, and the Meta tags. All these together boost the search engine discoverability of a website. 

Now, there are some time-tested principles for writing meta descriptions and using keywords in the content as well as metadata and meta tags. First of all, the meta description must be free of errors and utilize the prime target keywords at least once. Use the target keywords in the content, not more than twice or thrice if the length of the content is 1000 words or smaller. Keyword stuffing will only reduce your credibility and is considered a bad SEO practice punishable by Google. For optimum results, it is advisable to use a quality WordPress plugin that will help make things perfect in this respect. Yeast SEO is a great plugin for this purpose. 

Make Use of Social Media Platforms 

Social media platforms draw the attention of different niche audiences across the spectrum. By publishing content on popular social media platforms on a regular basis and by sharing your web content on these channels you can easily generate traffic as well as search engine visibility. For effective social media strategy to work for your web content promotion and search engine visibility, you need to follow some time tested measures. 

First of all, since social media is time-consuming, limit your presence to a selected few channels where most of your target audience has a presence. Both Facebook and Twitter are key channels for most websites. If your website is focused on content specific to the fairer sex, you must include Pinterest in your scheme of things. In the same way, for professionals, LinkedIn is a must-have social channel and for visual content, Instagram is a must. YouTube is a great channel if you want to publish video blogs or guidebooks or “how-to” videos or any other type of content that requires video content. 

For social media success, try to create a very distinct tone for your brand that can be instantly identified by users. Make a social media page and publish content on a regular basis that is relevant and useful to your audience. Engage with your audience frequently to generate conversation and create a cozy relationship. 


Finally, the most important thing for a modern website is to deliver a user experience that remains consistent across multiple device platforms. As most users these days access the web through their handheld, creating a superior mobile browsing experience is a must. Faster loading speed, fitting the web content and interface nicely in the mobile viewport and allowing easy on-screen interactions with touch and gestures, these are three most crucial principles for boosting search ranking of WordPress websites.