Top 8 Magento Extensions to Boost Your Store Profits in 2020


Magento is regarded as the prominent open-source platform that made incredible strides in progress these days. Being a Magento user, you may probably be aware regarding default Magento set up does not come up with any extensions in the respect of online stores.

Though Magento does not come up with entire solutions for every business still it comes up with a wide array of features indeed. All you need to follow a “set” procedure to integrate “additional components” to take the functionality of the platform to the next level. Going with a combination of all the best Magento extension, you can truly take your store profit on the next level.

Here, we are going to let you know about the prominent ones along with incredible features. Let us check it out –

1. Shipstation

Running a large eCommerce store, it is regarded to have an ideal proper shipping system in place. Here, it needs to mention that every wrong delivery can lead to making you lose customers. A Magento shipping extension can truly help you in that context. It is one of the important Magento extensions if you want to sync your orders as well as manage to ship seamlessly.

2. Actionable Google Analytics

Yes, Google Analytics is regarded as a great tool but you would be required to put some substantial efforts in order to gain more profit in a great way. Though it needs to mention that the case of Actionable Google Analytic you get more eCommerce friendly features. The best thing is that expert Magento Developer has also been using it a lot to churn out a lot of profit indeed.


This Magento Extension has always been quite a user-friendly one-stop marketing automation suite. Being on a single platform, you may come up with an email, building a subscriber list as well as forming sophisticate automation workflow within a short span of time. It is regarded as one of the best Magento Extensions.
Omnisend is different from other email marketing tools in the context of integrating multiple channels following the same automation workflow. The one-stop solution factor always makes it best to choose. Going with incredible features, you will have a facility of visual email composer, smart segmentation, strong automation system, etc.
Magento Extensions

4. AdRoll

The next on the list is an advertising platform called AdRoll. It is quite easy to integrate with Magento to fetch more sales through high-performing campaigns as well as an easy-to-use dashboard. This Magento 2 plugin would be saving your precious time as well as development resources leading towards essential steps to kick off with AdRoll.

Going with AdRoll, your store starts automatically add the AdRoll pixel to let you collect the site visitors as well as serve ads. This extension will play a major role to generate dynamic product ads. AdRoll also plays a major role to generate dynamic product ads- features usually reserved for premium users. Moreover, Magento development company UK also finds it quite incredible indeed. They find it worthy to go with it. If you have been finding the ideal one, you have landed at the right platform.

5. Live Chat – Chat Widget

Moreover, the importance of having quick customer service cannot be ignored at all. eCommerce Industry brings a lot of profit when you start imparting quality customer service. Every customer should be treated in a better way. Have you been wondering about the best way of doing it? It could be a live chat option.

Here, it needs to mention that Live Chat is indeed a Magento Live Chat Extension. You are allowed to chat with your customers whenever you want. You may send them a customised message choosing an ideal one. Experts say that you must consider this extension for your online store to have more benefits.

6. SEO Suite Ultimate

The importance of SEO cannot be ignored at all. It needs to mention that SEO is a kind of requirement to impart a boost to your eCommerce store indeed. Though it is important to mention that Magento apps are itself SEO friendly, you would be needed to maintain it is a great way.

SEO Suite Ultimate is regarded as the best one among the top Magento Extensions. It makes possible to take care of the smallest details to make your site completely visible in the top Google search engine results.

7. Stripe Payments

The Stripe Magento Extension has been designed in an ideal way. It makes possible to accept as well as process payment going with debit/cards and mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. If you have been hunting for a boos mobile payment extension then Stripe Payments.

It is regarded as an ideal way to go being more reliable as well as secure. It is considered one of the must-have Magento extensions if you suppose to trust your brand. The best thing is that it comes up with amazing features indeed such as mobile wallets, multi-store friendly, used widely and stripe radar.

8. Facebook Pixel For Remarketing

Have you ever seen a Facebook Ad regarding the same product you have been hunting online? This Magento Extension does the same. Facebook Pixel accumulates this data for your customers and then shows it to your targeted customers. It is high in demand because of these incredible features called Even Tracking, Automatic, Product Catalog Configuration.

In The Last –

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with any of these Magento extensions as per your choice. You can have amazing benefits going with it.