How to Redeem McAfee Product Activation Key 2020?


McAfee antivirus is a powerful antivirus that can detect and remove all malicious programs lurking around your device. McAfee antivirus not only prevents malware infection but also ensures that no cybercriminal can get you.

The internet security tools of McAfee antivirus are so advanced that no malicious URL can get you. Whenever you browse anything on your browser; McAfee’s browser security tool and firewall keeps you protected.

You will get a McAfee sign on every secured page to tell you which pages are secure to access and which are not. McAfee antivirus provides various advanced features in the new suite. If you install McAfee antivirus and redeem McAfee Product key on the device. 

If you purchase your McAfee from a retail store then follow the steps given below to redeem McAfee key:

  • Check for the silver card inside your retail box. Your key will be imprinted on the card along with a link. 
  • Open your computer and browse for the link given on the retail card.
  • Now click on the Account button on the upper-right side
  • Press the Redeem your Retail Card tab
  • Now enter your key imprinted on the card. Recheck your key before pressing the Submit button. Enter the email address and press the Next button. 
  • You will be redirected to another page
  • Now choose your country and language (make sure you have entered the correct country because McAfee for different countries have different setup)
  • Now type the activation code and enter your email address for confirmation
  • Press the Submit button
  • Tap the Verify button
  • Now follow the on-screen commands for creating your McAfee account and installing McAfee antivirus.

If you want to get McAfee from the online then make sure you have a smooth and reliable internet connection. If you have then searched for McAfee antivirus and visit McAfee homepage. You will see various McAfee on the screen.

Click on the plan which is compatible with your device. Press the buy now button. You will be redirected to the billing page where you have to enter your details for creating a McAfee account. If you an existing McAfee user then you can also directly click on the login button.

If not then enter your details like your name, email address, phone number, country, and language. Check your email address before pressing the confirm button because you will get your key and setup URL on that email address.

Enter the correct region as you will get the setup according to the country. Now press the enter button. Now enter your payment details and click on the Buy Now button. Open another tab of your browser and open your email account.

Click on the URL you have received from McAfee antivirus. Follow all the on-screen commands for completing the McAfee installation process.

Now open McAfee’s dashboard and click on My Info page. Tab the My Subscription page. Now click on the Enter product key button. Copy and paste the key you get on your email address for McAfee activation key.

The need for redeeming the product key

Your antivirus product code is like an authentication key. You can only access your antivirus features when your antivirus is activated and you need the product key for activating the plan.

McAfee’s key will ensure that you are using a reliable McAfee plan. So whenever you purchase McAfee; check whether you are getting a reliable key or not.

If you are purchasing McAfee from the store then ask the storekeeper to activate your key. While installing McAfee; redeem your product key and then then you can easily access all McAfee features. 

You can check your activation plan on the subscription tab. Open your McAfee dashboard and check whether your key is activated or not. If your key is about to expire then you should renew it immediately.

If you renew the McAfee antivirus 30 days before the expiry date then your all 30 days will be credited on your new subscription. So, you don’t have to wait for the expiry date and you can renew the McAfee key anytime.

If you want to upgrade your plan then you have to buy a new subscription. Your remaining days will not get added to the new plan.