Top 6 Most Popular Torrent sites in 2020


You must be thinking what are the active torrent sites for various downloads? 2020 has been a year that has witnessed new torrent sites. There are many torrent sites that has been dormant for many years but is now active.

The pirate bay is as always, the leading pillar that keeps changing the places with the YTS torrents sites. The best part is that most of the plugins on my list have been on the active list for past many years.

If you rev talking about the torrent site, then you can rest assured that many torrent sites have already surpassed the many streaming sites. Torrent sites have gained the popularity because of them giving access to the content for free.

In today’s article, I am going to list out some of the famous and still going strong torrent sites that you can use in 2020.

The torrent site to look for in 2020

The torrent site to look for in 2020

When it comes down to torrent, we limit ourselves to only the English based torrent and tends to forget that there is a torrent site that can easily beat these sites.

In my list, I have enlisted the world wide famous sites that are now active and going strong from the past few years.

1. The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay torrent site is a veteran among all the torrent sites. It has been leading the race of best torrent sites from the past few years. It has again secured first place in 2020. It took the leading position by crushing the kickass torrent (former number 1 in torrent sites).

The pirate has now known for its diverse range of torrent content. It has all kinds of movies, games, audiobooks, software, etc. you can consider that pirate pay has the greatest number of collections in its database than the others.

If you are someone who are hooked with all kind of stuff pirate bay can be all in one shop for you.

2. YTS

YTS is the only one that is considered a rival for the pirate bay. It is second to only pirate pay, even many experts believe that if it works properly, it can take down the all-mighty pirate bay.

YTS is preferred by users who love downloading stuff and then watching it later on. This website has shifted to a new domain which has a lower Alexa ranking. This site has literally no link to the old YTS group. It is a new site that is considered to be a rival of the pirate bay.

If you are among that user who loves to download things and watch the into your leisure times, then this site is best to do so. In this regard, you can say that this site is better than the pirate bay


This site is known for its alignment and appealing visual appearance. Starting from the home page to the individual pages, the site has really worked hard to make the site clean and crystal clear for the users.

Its user end interphase alone is enough to conquer the attention of the new visitors. And yes, it does have quite a collection in its database. This torrent provides all kinds of the torrent, but the highlighting part of this torrent is that the trendy categories. It has a trendy category, that enlist the trendiest topics of the day. To be more precise, its top 100 trendy torrent topics of the day.


Most of out there must have used this once at least. It is a torrent search engine. It accumulates all kinds of torrent into the database and acts as a torrent search engine. You can simply search for any kind of torrent that you may be looking for. And if it does have any torrents related to your search, the result will be shown on the page.

This site does the job finding the torrent and redirect you to the sites that have these torrents. Yes, I know most of you must be thinking that how come a search engine is on our list, but let me remind you, there are many people who cannot remember the individual names of many torrent sites. For them, torrentz2 can be a boon. And this is also the reason why this site made into my list.


If you are one of the old users of the old torrents site, then you must have heard about the name EZTV group. It was a small group that used to sail around on all kinds of torrent sites. By doing so, this site has managed to keep itself under 1000 of the Alexa rankings.

It is well known for its downloading interphase. It stands alongside with YTS in terms of downloading facilities. This torrent site is very simple with the torrent’s links attached to the home page. The user interphase is very simple to understand. It’s popular for providing the downloading option, it has made into my list.


It is one of the oldest torrent sites that has been around since 2008. This site has built up a reputation in the last decade that no one can ignore its existence. RARBG is has a very simple user interphase and provide high quality of torrent files.

However, it has been overshadowed by the other competitors. Hands down it is one of the top searched torrent sites that you can look for. If you are more of a downloading person, who download stuff and enjoy the show later on. You can do that as well. As it provides you a downloading speed of 6 Mb/sec at max speed. What’s more you can ask for from a downloading site.

Wrapping it up

Torrent site has become common and very important in our lives. Yes, I know that my list does not contain all the site. Some of you may also have an issue with the sites. But here I have tried to add those sites that are popular all around the world. It may happen that these sites may not work for you because of your different preferences. But hey, you can surely try one of these and believe me you will be happy doing so.