How Safe Is To Download Media From The Vidmate?


The vidmate is having the specialty of downloading the high definition videos without taking much time. This is the reason that most of the people prefer this app. The application is created by the experienced people and so this will be much useful for the android and the ios users. In the pc the people can also able to use the vidmate app in the Windows 7 and above versions. It is the application that is free from viruses, threats, infections and many other things. This means that it will be safe and secure. You can simply download the application from the third party app source only.

Why vidmate is the famous one?

In recent times the internet is being the biggest addictions as they are having a lot of the website that is providing the media content like the pictures, videos, ringtones, wallpaper, and the many others. So to enjoy these things the people need to choose the vidmate app. This is the good one for mobile users as they can able to get even the paid media for free of cost. On websites like YouTube, Vimeo or some others you will see a lot of the movies that require the online payment to watch it. These kinds of problems will never arise as this app is suitable to download all of them for free.

You can simply download the application from the third party app source and also you no need to provide any personal information. It will also never hack any of your details that are present in the mobile. You will find it easy to use it in your own language as this application is supporting multiple languages. Thus this has attracted worldwide users. This is the most recommended app that everyone should have to install it on the mobile to download the movies and other media content. You should have to install the 9apps by clicking on the 9apps apk file then only you can able to get this vidmate app.

What are the features of the vidmate?


In the vidmate, people can able to do downloading in the background. This will never reduce the speed of the operating system or the neighboring apps. This is comfortable for the users to navigate in the app and also consumes only the fewer amounts of the data.

Set the resolution

This vidmate allows the users to queues the multiple files. This means that you can simply change the resolution of each and every file. You can find the pixels ranging from 180p to 1080p. This means that people will find it much easy to download the file in the required pixel. Even when you set different resolutions for every queued file you will get the file with the correct pixels you set. This will not mess anymore.

Change the file format

Suppose if you have accidentally downloaded some of the files like the videos, music or others in a particular format that you do not need. Then it is simple for you to change the format of the file to another format you want. This means that even the music files can be extracted from the videos or movies.