Top 5 Robert Pattinson Movies You Need to Watch in 2022


The recent release of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet movie, along with the Batman remake, Robert Pattinson has been in the center of the spotlight this month.

In the beginning of his career, he starred in the popular teen film Twilight and then gaining an interest in independent films, Pattinson has proved his ability to play many different roles as well as genres.

Let’s take a look at some of his most impressive filmography works other than the most popular ones that not many people know:

Cosmopolis is a movie that follows the life story of a Billionaire played by Robert Pattinson. This movie gave Robert Pattinson Net Worth got a huge boost after this movie thanks to new projects coming in for him.

This movie features a lot of twists and turns as the billionaire navigates through the challenges that come his way. This movie is not lengthy and is great for people who want to watch a light story to pass their free time.

  • The Rover (2014)

The first film of Robert Pattinson following his role as the star of the “Twilight” series left no doubt that the actor was not going to take a risk with his character.

This director David Michod’s harrowing film has been set in the dark and dystopian world in which Australia has been turned into the desert.

Guy Pearce plays Eric, an Australian man whose vehicle is taken by a group of criminals and will not spare a dime to return it.

  • The Devil all the time (2020)

Netflix has released the horror movie The Devil All The Time in 2020. It is a film starring Tom Holland as the son of a veteran from the war who left him emotionally traumatized as he turned adult. Robert Pattinson stars as a preacher from the small town who comes into the town to find out that he is far from holy.

Many critics have praised the film’s dark and gloomy tone. However, they also warned that it may make viewers feel guilty and depressing at certain points. Also, you can read about Jamie Dornan Net Worth here.

  • Tenet (2020)

Pattinson’s new film Tenet has been a roaring success in the film industry and is being called one of the top action/thriller films of this year. Pattinson plays one of the principal roles, along with John David Washington as a character known by the name of Protagonist.

Film critics have praised the film for their grandeur, awe-inspiring and for its flawless distortion of reality.

  • High Life (2018)

The flat and awe-inspiringly primitive performance in an original role created to be played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Pattinson is a riveting performance as the lead as an intergalactic traveler on an unmanned spacecraft as seen in Claire Denis’ “High Life.”

His name is Monte and he’s the only one in the sky, with only the corpses of a few and his adorable baby daughter.

Final Words

Prior to the film Batman, Robert Pattinson was a dazzling vampire Edward Cullen. Before that, he was Hufflepuff’s most sought-after star Cedric Diggory, who appeared in Harry Potter.

However, between his heartthrob period and the less-melodious Batman moments, Pattinson did some really intriguing things. We’ve talked about some of the most well-known Robert Pattinson movies in this article which you can watch in 2022.