The Yummiest Choices in the Arby’s Menu


Okay, now you’re at Arby’s. Now what? What should you order?

That’s not easy for some people, as there may be a lot of options to choose from. If you’re not really all that sure of what to get, then you should just try any of these items on our list. All of the items here are absolutely delicious.

Arby’s Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar

Why is this first on the list, when the regular Classic Roast Beef is a lot more popular? That’s because it’s actually the most delicious sandwich you can get from Arby’s. Not that many know it, unfortunately, because most people just stick to the regular Classic Roast Beef and overlook this gem. Once you try this Arby’s Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar out, you might feel that the regular version might not be the best.

This isn’t really the same sandwich, even if they both come with roast beef. First off, you don’t even have the sesame seed bun of the classic version. Instead, you have the onion roll, that’s so delicious that it may just be the best bread option at Arby’s.

It also deals nicely with the dryness of the Classic Roast Beef. It comes with the cheddar cheese sauce and Red Ranch sauce that replace that dryness with something gooey instead, and that’s quite yummy as well. When you add the terrific onion roll with the zesty Red Ranch and the rich cheddar, while you take away the dryness, you get something that’s utterly fantastic.

There’s a debate going on about whether this is great as is or if it’s better to put in some Horsey Sauce to get a bit more kick. Either way, it’s the best on the menu.

Curly Fries

So, what goes best with your Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar? Hands down, it’s an order of the Curly Fries, which goes well with just about anything else you might order instead. Some fans say that it’s a serious contender for the best fries in the entire fast-food industry. At the very least, no other curly fries can top this one.

This is the kind of fries you might dream about. They tick all the boxes. They’re crispy on the outside. They’re soft and warm on the inside. The coating, which combines several spices along with onion, garlic, and salt, makes these fries so tasty that you don’t even need dipping sauce for the fries.

Vanilla Shake

When you get the Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar and the Curly Fries, you finish off your Arby’s meal with the Vanilla Shake. That gives you the perfect dessert, as many fans regard this milkshake as perhaps the best milkshake in the industry.

Sure, the other shake options are also terrific. You have the Chocolate shake which is made with actual Ghirardelli chocolate. This is some premium-quality chocolate indeed. The folks at Arby’s cap off the shake with some whipped cream, and then they drizzle even more Ghirardelli chocolate on top.

The other shake you might also enjoy is the Jamocha. It’s similar to the Chocolate shake except it also contains coffee. That’s great when you visit Arby’s for lunch and you don’t want to feel sleepy afterwards.

Still, the Vanilla is the best, with that super vanilla flavor really satisfying your taste buds with each sip. Try it first, and you’ll really understand.

Mozzarella Sticks

You can get this with your sandwich instead of the Curly Fries, or you can just add them to the meal. Just get the large Mozzarella sticks for $5.65, and you won’t regret it. In case you’re under the impression that all fried mozzarella sticks are the same, this will be definitive evidence that disproves that option. These Mozzarella Sticks are among the best in the business, if they’re not the outright best of the best.

The taste is simply marvelous, and you’ll know it once you get a bite in. The texture combination of crunchy and gooey works well, along with the flavor mix of cheesy and oily. And these sticks retain their flavor even when you reheat them.

Try this with the marinara dipping sauce, and it’s just about perfect.

Smokehouse Brisket

The secret to the Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket is that they actually smoke the brisket for 13 hours. This is why it’s so tasty. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that it comes with smoked gouda cheese, crispy onions, and some zesty BBQ sauce. The combination of flavors is absolutely delightful, and it works as a great alternative to your current favorite Arby’s sandwich.