Tips for Startups to Carve the Right Custom Gift Boxes


Using the right custom gift boxes for your product is not only critical to achieving success but also to make a mark for your brand and product in the marketplace. Startups often struggle to comprehend this when creating their first gift boxes. Since new entrants are faced with a myriad of issues, such as budget and time, they must take a cautious approach when launching their products in the market.

At The Legacy Printing, we work closely with businesses of all sizes. From prominent brands to startups, we keep our clients informed at every step of the way, be it conceptualization, execution, collaboration, or package development. This affiliation enables us to work efficiently and deliver the first-rate custom made gift boxes within the said time and budget.

As a result, we have learned a thing or two about developing perfect gift boxes. And the best part is we are more than willing to share our knowledge with your startup so you can carve the right packaging.

Without further ado, here are three essential tips startups should consider when designing the custom printed gift boxes.

Tip 1 # Know your Market & Competition

You may have developed a unique product that is bound to outshine the competition no matter what, still it’s crucial to study your marketplace and competition. Why? This will acquaint you with the common denominators that can prove helpful in designing your product packaging.

From fulfilling packaging requirements to meeting customer expectations, your market and competition will tell you how your packaging should look like. Gift boxes printing is entirely different from other packaging solutions.

Studying market leaders will give you a good idea about the industry standards and also help you spot essential elements for product encasing.

Tip 2 # Evaluate different Materials & Companies

Pay heed to both the materials and the packaging company that intends to create your packaging. Else, you cannot accomplish the desired results. For example, your packaging partner should completely understand your needs and requirements. Most of all, the packaging solution should meet your customers’ expectations head-on.

To achieve the desired results, ask the custom gift boxes manufacturer to provide you with digital mockups or preproduction samples, if possible. This will allow you to compare these with your competitors and other potential manufacturers’ packages. It may probably save you from opportunistic and malicious companies. Remember, it never hurts to verify what you are getting against your money.

A reliable packaging firm can also offer you advice that can further lower your packaging costs and improve your bottom line.

Tip 3 # Keep Colors Consistent

The final challenge startups should be abreast of is colour consistency. Your final packaging design should be consistent when it comes to concept, design, font styles, colours, and graphics. This potential pitfall will reveal to you whether or not your packaging volume requires the services of more than one packaging company.

To keep your packaging colours consistent, you need to find a packaging firm that can accurately render RGB values to CYMK printers, relentlessly monitor the colours, and make sure the presses are producing packages as encoded. Sure, it’s a challenging task, but joining forces with a reputable company will give you an invaluable asset that will work wonders for you in the retail outlets.


While there are a lot of challenges that are associated with the packaging production, you can relieve that stress from your entrepreneurial journey by taking the right measures and forming an association with the right packaging company. It will empower you to communicate your brand message and image, which in turn will attract customers and make them like your product and brand.