The Importance of Using Jewelry Display Stands


As a manager or owner of a jewelry store, it is essential to ensure that you are using the right display stands. Many companies have benefited from display cases to showcase their products but they are particularly important to retail jewelry companies. You can easily order for a jewelry display stands online and you can also get one from your nearest supplier. Here are some great benefits of using the right jewelry display stand.

The Importance of Using Jewelry Display Stands - Americanretailsupply

They Naturally Prevent Shoplifting

According to statistics by a renowned global company shoplifting and employee fraud account for about $125 billion loss globally where $40 billion is in the US alone. If you have not ordered your jewelry display stands online, this is the right time to do so because these numbers account for about 1% of all international retail sales. What is more shocking is that only a small number of culprits are caught while only a few are brought to justice. Using jewelry stands may not eliminate shoplifting but it may significantly reduce the number of cases. It can also be difficult to store all your jewelry behind display stands but you can at least start with the most valuable items.

Display Cases Makes it Easy for Customers to See the Products

Another obvious reason why you should consider using display cases is that they make it easy for customers to spot what they want. Customers usually have difficulties noticing the subtle nuances that differentiate one jewelry from another. However, using back-lit display stands makes it easy for customers to see differentiating features. The built-in lights can be used to enhance the features of the jewelry making it easy for shoppers to notice intricate details.

The Most Common Types of Jewelry Stands

The most common materials used to make the jewelry stands are glass and acrylic all of which have their unique advantages. Glass is mostly used because it is resistant to scratches and it is visually appealing. Acrylic, on the other hand, is used because it is shatter-proof, versatile and lightweight. The type of display stands range from hand, bust and mini mannequins all of which offer stylish designs. Different types of jewelry stands include:

Jewelry Mannequin Stands

The most important goal of any display stand or case is to offer an appealing and captivating way to showcase your products while at the same time enhancing their elegance. The mannequin stands are meant to attract customers to your products by providing a clear and accurate view of your jewelry. They are also perfect for advertising products such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and any other jewelry product. Besides enticing customers to your stores, the jewelry stands can also boost your sales revenue by fashionably showcasing your products.

Jewelry Stand Hanger

There are different models of stand hangers. However, the most common type is the one with one leg and a revolving top. Others resemble pieces of furniture with styles from Eastern Europe. The big advantage of using stand hangers is that they offer a lot of space which can also be utilized for other purposes. Some can be easily organized on top of shelves while others can be put on flat surfaces. Furthermore, unlike other display stands, you can place as many jewelry items as you see fit in order to display many items at once.

Jewelry Tree Stands

This is one of the most complicated jewelry stands because of how its holder is constructed. The tree stand doesn’t have a rotating rack that makes it easy to display products. As the name suggests, a tree stand resembles a real tree with branches. It may not be easy to display your products on a tree stand, but on the other hand, you can display as many jewelry items as you wish. Furthermore, the stand is quite sophisticated and sends a message of a classy outlook. It also has an inbuilt tray where you can put some of your other products as well.

Bar Stands

Bars are one of the most popular jewelry display stands. It is made using different varieties of materials. Its arms can also be modified to look skinny or thick as well as long or short depending on your preferences as the owner. The modifications can also be used to display different types of jewelry. For instance, thick arms can be used to display bracelets while skinny ones can be used to display rings. Whats makes these types of stand perfect for jewelry stores is that it is simple to use with no hidden or complicated features. Other types of display stands include:

●Jewelry doll stand or Dress forms
●Rack stand
●Pedestal stand

In the end, choose a supplier who offers a wide range of jewelry display stands including display pads, earring and bracelet displays.