Tinder App Development: Its Working, Development and Costing


Tinder is the world’s most popular dating app, primarily thanks to the iconic swipe. Since its inception in 2012, over one billion matches have been made by genuine users, most of whom are between the ages of 18 and 34. 

As a result, it was quickly apparent that the dating market would attempt to replicate this success. This suggests that an increasing number of firms are inquiring about the cost of developing an app like Tinder.

How does Tinder work?

Tinder is a completely free dating app for Android and iOS devices. Unlike more traditional apps, Tinder prioritizes geographical closeness, making it quick and straightforward to connect with people for long or short-term relationships. Simply scanning the possible match and swiping left (No) or right (Yes) accomplishes the task.

The mobile app development services for tinder app includes capabilities to analyze user data and suggests matches due to geographical proximity, shared interests, or mutual friends. Swipes made by both parties result in a game. Users define the age range and ethnicity of the individuals they desire, and Tinder notifies them when such individuals pass through their neighbourhood.

The secret to the app’s popularity lies in its simplicity and visual appeal. The registration process is largely nonexistent — you simply connect with your Facebook credentials, and the program takes data from there. Additionally, you can add/edit all details and include a personal description. Make an excellent first impression and interact!

How to create an app like Tinder: Development Team

Take note of your team’s location. If you want to hire someone to build an app in the United States or Western Europe, be prepared to triple the project’s cost. However, coders in Eastern Europe can accomplish the same thing for significantly less money. For instance, the average European outsourcing company charges $50 per hour to develop a Tinder-like application.

So, if you want to build a Tinder clone, the project team will most likely consist of:

  • 2 Backend developers
  • 1 UI/UX designer
  • 2 Android developers
  • 2 iOS developers
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1-2 QA engineers

Taking this into consideration, let us find out how much it costs to build a Tinder clone.

To construct a dating app like Tinder, you will need three critical components: a design, the app itself (iOS, Android, or both), and an API. A RESTful API acts as a link between any web-based client application and a server. This might be an excellent choice in conjunction with a real-time API that enables rapid data sharing.

A dating app like Tinder is built around three components: user management, messaging, and alerts. This implies database frameworks (such as MongoDB), SMS notification systems such as Twilio, and mapping tools such as Mapbox. See our hypothetical Tinder architectural chart above, and keep in mind that you can use any other approach for your dating app.

Take note that if you intend for your dating app to be used by hundreds of millions of users, developing a scalable backend will take significantly longer. If you need more details you can check out the guide to creating a Tinder like dating app.

Native development

This is the development of a dating app, done entirely in Swift, Objective-C, or Java. There was a high standard for what was required to navigate on Tinder, so when you want to do something different, remember to keep it attractive and functional.

You will need to sign up for a user profile, as well as profile matching, message, and geolocation. It may be the case that those functions have varying degrees of sophistication, and you could want to include other features to your dating app to set it apart.

The impact on app development costs and timelines is all interconnected. To design a simple Tinder-like app, you may spend around 5 months working on it. If you are interested in developing a more advanced Tinder-like app, you should anticipate spending up to 2 months to do so.

How much is the cost of developing a Tinder-like app?

Each of the characteristics described above needs some time to create. Consider the table below to determine the number of hours required for iOS and Android developers to implement the basic features of a Tinder-like dating app.

  • Authorization – 22 hours 
  • GPS location – 7 hours 
  • Settings – 60 hours 
  • User profile – 85 hours 
  • Matching functionality – 90 hours 
  • Notifications – 25 hours 
  • Communication – 125 hours 
  • 3rd party services integration – 30 hours 

However, knowing the developmental stage is never sufficient. The project delivery process encompasses several steps that significantly contribute to the application’s cost.

We have assessed the approximate time required to build a Tinder-like application beneath. The total rate is based on an hourly rate of $50 in Eastern Europe (Ukraine).


Let us remind readers that in our approximation of the cost to construct an app like Tinder, we used a median hourly rate of $50. Naturally, if you employ a developer or an agency at a $100 fee, your cost will treble. Or it could be lower if you locate a better bargain, albeit you should be mindful of the hazards involved.