How To Get Rid Of pests Quickly And Affordably


Pests, huh it’s something we all despise not because of how they look but mainly because of the health hazards pests bring with them into our houses and backyards, Imagine a beautiful sunny day, and you’re playing with your kids in the backyard, a wasp is all it takes to spoil the mood.

When you search for Termite control in Nowra, you’ll come across organizations like Affordable pest control, which has been keeping Australian houses and commercial complexes pest free for the past 26 years.

Geography Of Nowra 

Nowra lies along the Shoalhaven River delta, a popular fishing location and a saltwater river with a humid subtropical climate; Nowra is arguably one of the best places geographically and climatically for pests and rodents.

What Are Pests and How To Get Rid Of Them

A pest is an organism that is harmful to the environment and humans. Many problems lack natural predators, and some types of pests are known to carry hazardous infectious diseases.

Pests not only create a nuisance to humans but also cattle, livestock and they damage farms along with carrying deadly infectious diseases with their many kinds of pests are also known to bite or sting

And many of them are venomous, like some species of spiders and snakes. Termite control in Nowra can help control these kinds of pests and help us stay safe.

History Of Pest Control

The earliest instance of power pest control dates back to the time when a human killed a mosquito jokes apart around 2500 BC, Sumerians used sulphur compounds as chemical pesticides

It is believed that with the development of agriculture and farming, pest management also grew a lot; ancient Egyptians used cats to safeguard grain storage units from Rodents and mice, Later Harmless snakes were used to control Rodent infection in farms by 500 AD Ferrets were used to prevent Mouse/Rodent infestation

Farmers used to implement any pest control techniques to safeguard plants from pests because not only will pests cause direct harm to plants, the fungal and bacterial infectious diseases they bring along with them also cause harmful effects to plants and humans.

Types Of Pesticides

Right from the beginning, Sulphur was used to control pests. Later with industrialization, synthetic insecticides such as DDT were used to control pests

Biological pest control was first seen in 300 AD in China, where ants were used to regulate beetle and caterpillar population; Ancient Egyptians used cats and snake’s to regulate Rodents and mice.

Common Types Of Pests

Some of the most common types of pests which infest our beautiful residential and commercial places include

Spiders: Spiders are not only venomous, but they also spoil the building with their webs and are also harmful to our pets and children; modern pest control firms use an environmentally friendly chemical, Pyrethrins which is extracted from Chrysanthemums, repels spiders.

Ants- Although Ants are harmless when left alone, their nests that run deep down can damage the house’s foundation, and they’re harmful when our kids accidentally step on them. We cannot even imagine a colony of ants biting.¬† To repel ants, environmentally friendly insect growth regulators are used.

Fleas – These blood-sucking insects are the worst kind which is terrible for us as well as our lovely pets; these are pretty resistant, so a powerful chemical along with vacuum is used to repel fleas and ticks combination chemicals are used to treat the entire house and backyard to get rid of ticks.

Rodents – Rodents dig deep burrow’s which will cause severe drainage system complications, and they also destroy the wiring and damage the foundation of the building. Unique methods are implemented to get rid of Rodents once and for all.

Termites – Also known as Furniture destroyers, will destroy or damage furniture. Termite control firms use physical and chemical barriers, or a combination of both is used to prevent future termite attacks or get rid of present termite infestation.

Termite/pest inspection – Professionals will inspect for pests and termite infestation signs and suggest the appropriate pest treatment plan necessary.

Given the geographical location of Nowra, it is the best habitat for pests; now that everyone knows about the various kinds of pests and termites, one can choose the best firm for termite control in Nowra and keep their houses and office’s pest-free.