TikTok or Snapchat – The Most Effective Medium for any Business


Social media has been on a rise lately in terms of more applications and more features. By use of social media, businesses have found varied ways to expand their reach to the target audience. It is free and giving a medium to interact with your target audience. Enables building connections by giving the viewer’s more entertainment, more ways to share their memories by making fun videos. Two latest additions to social media platform are TikTok and Snap chat. Content and the audience on the mentioned two platforms are quite different from that of Facebook and Instagram.


Tik Tok is a video sharing application that has been popular lately. It has auto-saved selected short clips, set to music which lets the public to act on these short clips and upload their videos.

TikTok is a rapidly growing application which was launched in 2017 by a Chinese tech company named ByteDance. I.S had the highest number of downloads of TikTok in the year 2018. Globally it had crossed 1.5 billion downloads within the year-end of 2019

The way to use TikTok

TikTok basically has sets of music, monologues, dialogues, acts and dance. The users create a profile and enact on those videos. These videos are short posts or looping videos that they can post onto their profile for their followers to view. This app was initially designed for posting fun videos wherein viewers get to unwind themselves eliminating any serious message acts. But lately, brand endorsements are also been made. This app allows users to follow other creators and pushes users to be creative when making videos. Most of the Tiktok videos include acting, synced dancing, challenges, lip-syncing to name a few.


Since the application is very much on entertainment, it is obvious to have more audience from the younger generation. This app is also a generation favourite with 42% users of age 13-16 years. TikTok is an entertainment-based app where it engages the younger audience. Many users have made been on a rise a career with TikTok. It pushes young and middle-aged group users to take up new challenges.


Snap chat is mainly centred at photo and video sending application. This visual platform is named as stories or other small formats. With its launch in the year 2011, it has lately gained a rise in its users with an addition of about 7 million. The main features of Snapchat are mainly story creation with videos and pictures, along with its video, text chat and camera filters. Users can follow their friends, celebrities, publishers, influencers, bloggers and artists. This has led to an increase in the number of users with over 78% of the young generation.

How businesses can use Snapchat?

Businesses often seek the help of these visually appealing social media platforms for promoting their brands and connecting to their customers. Snap chat enables users to remain connected with their family and friends. It is one of the platforms that produce influencers which can be used by the company. Appointing a Snap chat influencer will enable the brand to reach masses. The public will trust or buy products that their favourite influencer will promote. But businesses need to make sure that content on this platform is available for only 24 hours. Thus timing to post is equally essential. Still, photos or videos can be viewed on the user’s story. But this makes it difficult to communicate with the audience which needs to be considered while designing a marketing strategy. Also, along with the display of content, there is equal privacy for example if any user takes a screenshot or screen recording, the content provider is informed about the activity.

TikTok and Snap chat is the latest addition to social media. These two new launches in social media have turned the game of business advertising. With the launching of new applications businesses now have a new way to promote their brand on these new apps. Both may or may not be suitable, but businesses can decide based on the nature of the business.

TikTok vs Snapchat: Which is a better platform for my brand?

Main Objective

As we know both of these applications are at their top to provide opportunities for businesses to advertise and connect with their audience. TikTok can be highly preferred for driving- awareness and UGC which is the user-generated content, which is, in turn, the form of brand challenges, reactions, using brand filters and many more.

Snap chat also gives a high chance for the brands for User-generated content, but this platform is apt for sharing fleeting life moments and posting relevant content that the audience or users actually care about. One could share interesting facts or insights into the company.


With regard to Tik Tok, the content there isn’t really in relation to aesthetics or how nice something looks. Companies have to work on making their content innovative and attractive. As Tik Tok is highly dominated by the younger audience, the content has to be related to the younger audience, where they can feel connected to the content. Something that appeals to the target group, which they would be interested in view can be posted on this platform.

It is highly important to think about what content will be posted in regard to your brand or company. In the case of Snap chat, the content needs to be high in quality with a traditional massage. Snap chat is considered for businesses that aim at a larger target audience. It lets the brands be creative AR and lens capabilities.

Both of these applications have their own merits and demerits. But it is on the brands on how they promote their product or service through these applications. The brand has to resonate with the younger audience for them to promote the brand. Appointing a social media marketing company in Hyderabad will give you a brief of which platform is best suited for your brand. These applications are very different from the ones in the past, therefore the brands need to take up the challenge and come up with creative and effective ways of branding. Social media marketing services in Hyderabad push the limits and enable strategies that will lead to good promotion and positive response from the audience and users.