Things To Keep In Mind Before Picking The Best Water Purifier


Water pollution is a common issue in India; no one needs to tell you about that. One thing you may not be aware of is that water contamination can also affect your drinking water. The water drainage systems are porous and run parallel to one another. The water you drink goes back to the sewage. It is an unhealthy process that can damage your organs and lead to multiple health hazards. 

You need to understand that water purification is necessary today and choose the best water purifier to ensure you get fresh drinking water. It is approximately impossible for our daily water purification methods to keep the germs at bay. So, you need a good water purifier having evolved resistance to germs. Here are some things you need to know before choosing the best water purifier. 

UV Purifiers Are Best On Budget

Water purifiers based on ultraviolet radiation help kill the germs that cause health problems and diseases. You can also choose a RO water purifier and go for an RO service near me in Indore if you want to maintain it. UV water purifiers are the best water purification system if you have a budget. They are slightly lower in price as compared to RO water purifiers. So in case of budget problems, you can buy a water purifier with UV rays. It can help in killing germs and microbes efficiently. But they cannot help you get rid of certain metals and chemicals in the water. 

Activated Carbon Filters Are Essential

Activated carbon filtration technology is one of the most common water purification methods. It is now being replaced by modern technology like RO and UV. Activated carbon is something that can help eliminate the physical impurities from water. People can choose activated carbon water purifiers if they have a budget constraint. It is selected by multiple households in India today. The cost-effectiveness is something that makes it so popular. They are available in portable variants and can function without electricity. 

RO Water Purifiers Are The Best Option

RO is also known as reverse osmosis. It is the latest technology in water purification systems, which is becoming popular. It uses multiple layers and membranes that help filter the contaminated water. It keeps the chemicals and metals from blending with the water you drink. 

They are less effective than UV water purifiers when considering the germ-killing system. There are multiple filters available with these purifiers nowadays that have 8 to 10 levels of purification systems. Water purifiers are available with RO and UV functionality for the best safety. Speak to a professional providing water purifier service in Indore and keep your water purifier in check every six months. 

RO+UV Technology For Chemical Removal And Germ Killing

Combining RO and UV technology can help kill germs and remove chemicals. It is one of the best options for water purification systems in India if you are looking for a water purifier that does everything. This water purification Technology considers the basics and works on the advanced side. 

Multiple water purification systems are available in India with both technologies; you can purchase them from various websites online. All you need to do is research well before you choose the perfect water purification system for your home. 

Another thing you need to consider before purchasing a water purifier is the number of people in your house. The headcount is one of the premium things to consider before choosing a water purifier because the size and technology will matter when you purchase it for a family. The perfect option would be to talk to a professional before you buy the water purifier online or offline. Multiple other things that you need to consider are the filtration systems, types of membranes, and energy efficiency. Do not forget to service your water purifier now and then to ensure that your family will get clean water throughout the year. 


These are some of the things you need to consider regarding the purification technology of water. When you visit a particular website to purchase a water purifier, you will discover a lot you have to choose from. Filtration systems have energy-efficient ratings and are simple to maintain with the latest technology. Multiple techniques can make your drinking water safe, and you can get the right water purifier only after you speak to a professional.